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Xinhua Beijing, November 4 - in the operating room of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, a pancreatic tumor resection operation is under way. Unlike in the past, there is no chief surgeon in front of the operating table. Instead, a robot with four mechanical arms is used. Since the first robot surgery on September 11 this year, the robot has become a new main knife often seen in the operating room of this hospital

surgery is just a corner of robot application. With the development of a new round of technology, robots can be seen in many places in the fields of medicine, automobile, textile, machinery and so on. In the face of the robot era approaching us, industry experts remind that at present, domestic enterprises should still focus on core technology research and application, seize the high-end of the industrial chain, and avoid disorderly expansion to bring a new round of production, while the strain continues to increase.) the control situation introduced by the national standard is constant strain control energy surplus

there is a robot fever in China

the whole process from picking up goods in the warehouse, automatic assembly, automatic spraying to the warehousing of final products is completed by robots independently, which is a real scene in the digital unmanned factory of Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd

the robot industry with industrial robots as the main body can not only enable manufacturers to obtain high-quality product manufacturing standards through intelligent production, but also calmly deal with the rising labor costs and other issues. At present, developed countries will make the error no more than 0.10/1000 as the primary task of the new round of industrial revolution

robots also show great vitality in China's manufacturing industry. Foxconn, which manufactures for Apple (108.7, 0.31, 0.29%), announced that it plans to deploy 1million robots in the assembly line to replace manual repetitive operations. Stauber precision machinery and Electronics Co., Ltd., which specializes in the production of industrial robots, has an annual increase of 40-50% in the number of orders

Su Bo, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that robots will be the mainstream direction of industrial development. In the future, intelligent devices represented by robots will be everywhere

leveraging industrial transformation with robots

from the perspective of abundant labor resources, China does not seem to need robots, but the development of robots can make product production more refined and standardized. At the same time, using information technology to promote industrial reform, robots are also a good grasp

with the increasing maturity of artificial intelligence technology, robots have changed the traditional production mode, greatly improved production efficiency, created new industries, and changed traditional industries. Qudaokui, chairman of China robot industry alliance, said: the flexible and intelligent manufacturing mode is providing China with opportunities for intelligent transformation, and the era of robot dividends that can be expected is coming

Su Bo said that the high-end equipment manufacturing industry represented by robots is the core of the equipment manufacturing industry and an important symbol to measure the core competitiveness of a country's industry. China's robot technology and industry started late, 25 Power supply voltage: 220V (single-phase) to keep up with the pace of a new round of global technological and industrial changes, we must speed up the promotion

the Ministry of industry and information technology proposed to accelerate the development of key components and devices such as industrial robots, sensors, intelligent instruments and meters, and focus on breaking through a number of CNC generation products and intelligent manufacturing equipment for important industries of the national economy. By 2020, a relatively perfect industrial robot industry system will be formed, and the high-end market share will reach more than 45%

we need to be vigilant about the momentum of disorderly expansion

although the market has broad prospects, there are still many problems to be vigilant. At present, foreign robot giants are in an obvious monopoly position in the Chinese market. China's robot industry is facing a series of problems, such as weak independent brands, lagging research and development of core components, low-end overcapacity, and the conversion rate of technological achievements is only about 3%

Wang Ruixiang, President of China Machinery Industry Federation, said: the fundamental reason for the poor quality and service life of products and the low brand awareness is the lack of core competitiveness of technology. Especially in core technologies and key parts such as reducer and controller technology, there is a significant gap with the world's advanced level in accuracy, reliability and stability. High end key parts mainly rely on imports

on the one hand, in the high-end field, the domestic market is basically monopolized by foreign brands, on the other hand, the expansion momentum of low-end production capacity is worrying. Songxiaogang, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, said. Up to now, there are nearly 60 listed companies of robot concept in China, and there are more than 140 large-scale enterprises related to robots. The robot industry has shown signs of disorderly expansion of low-end production capacity

if this disorderly expansion trend with the development of lightweight vehicles is not curbed, the robot industry is likely to repeat the mistakes of photovoltaic. The relevant person in charge of the equipment department of the Ministry of industry and information technology said

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