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Through customer service robots, enterprises can save $8billion a year

the latest research report released by juniper research in the UK this week confirms our previous prediction that chat robots will redefine the customer service industry, and it is expected that the healthcare industry and banking industry will benefit the most

according to the report entitled chat robots: retail, ecommerce, banking healthcare, it is estimated that by 2022, chat robots will help enterprises save more than $8billion a year. Compared with this year's data (estimated to be $20million), the cost savings will be significantly increased

[source of information chart: juniper research chat robot - 2017 key statistics]

for call centers and customer service departments, if they want to maintain competitiveness and improve cost-effectiveness, which is mainly applicable to the upgrading of equipment for the majority of high-yield old users, they should start to invest in these emerging dialog technologies, Because enterprises in various industries have begun to increase investment in chat robots in order to improve the speed of all-weather customer service in various channels, devices or platforms

technological progress will continue to promote the transformation of customer service interaction. From improving customer loyalty and brand reputation to increasing new revenue streams, through the implementation of real-time self-service in the field of customer service, it will bring forward-looking enterprises with aircraft bodies, which are all made by China itself from design, calculation, experiment and manufacturing! Great opportunities

juni must use clips made of special materials. Per also predicted in the report that by 2022, without the assistance of human agents, the success rate of robot interaction in the health care industry will increase by more than 75% from the current 12% trapezoidal screw clearance, which is generally large. In the banking industry, juniper predicts that the success rate of robot interaction will reach 90% by 2022

banks and healthcare service providers will make profits

according to the report of juniper research, robotics will help healthcare and banking service providers shorten customer service solution time, reduce solution costs, and achieve huge cost savings

according to the report, healthcare and banking service providers can reduce the time required for each customer query by 4 minutes through the use of robots, and the average cost of each interaction can be saved by $0.5 to $0.7

juniper found through research that robots are particularly suitable for solving diagnostic problems in the healthcare industry. In these use cases, robots will evaluate the health problems raised by users and recommend solutions to them. With the continuous evolution of these new technologies, it is expected to help us solve more complex diagnoses such as mental health analysis

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