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As early as last year, Amazon caused a great sensation in the industry with its drone to complete the last mile delivery service. However, compared with the express robots on the land, UAV began to appear a little insignificant

on the streets of Estonia, Germany and London, these one-time delivery robots that can carry three shopping bags of the same weight, or even a weight of 13 kg, are undergoing relevant tests. These robots can carry packages along the sidewalk. They have opened markets at home and abroad. The shell is equipped with sensors. Whenever pedestrians and obstacles are detected, they will send instructions to slow down, stop or change the route. At the same time, machine operators can also communicate with pedestrians remotely through microphones

it is reported that this robot developed by American starship technology is actually a miniature driverless electric vehicle with six wheels. Its purpose is not to deliver goods for a long distance, but to complete the delivery task of the last mile. When the goods (2) with high conductivity are transported by conventional means of transport to the distribution point near the consignee, the robot can deliver the goods from the distribution point to the consignee's home within 5 to 30 minutes after giving the delivery order. At the same time, customers can get the real-time position of the robot in the delivery process. After the robot arrives, unlock it, open the container door and take out the goods. Compared with using couriers, the cost of using robots to complete the last mile of express delivery will be reduced by at least 90%

robot express delivery industry will be popularized all over the world in 2025.

in addition, this delivery robot also has countermeasures for customers' concerns about illegal interception and stop of goods by outlaws in the process of delivery. First of all, the cargo box is locked. If there is no special piston, it will rise faster. Special tools are not easy to open. Secondly, the robot has nine cameras, which are always connected and equipped with positioning devices. Once the staff finds that the robot meets outlaws, they can speak through the microphone installed on the robot to scare away the bad guys or ask passers-by to lend a helping hand to the robot. Compared with drone delivery, robot delivery will be safer and will not cause trouble to nearby residents in the delivery process

the company said that its goal is to achieve three noes, namely, no cost, no waiting time and no environmental impact. Jonas Frith and ADI hernla, the founders of the company, believe that the retail industry can replace the trucks responsible for small-scale door-to-door delivery services and turn to robots for delivery, but the effective range of action of robots depends on the economy of short-range delivery services. The company said that this kind of robot that can walk on the sidewalk can reduce the delivery volume of trucks by about 30%

it is reported that the cost of the first batch of 15 robots will be controlled below $10000 each, and then full production will be carried out. The company's goal is to reduce the local delivery cost to £ 1/piece, while the cost of traditional delivery services is generally £ 1 to £ 5, or even more expensive

previously, Cornell, senior consultant of starship technology, said in an interview that this robot has attracted the attention of many retailers, and the demand is not a problem. Take the linear distance between the two ends of the crack as the crack length

according to industry analysis, it is not difficult to see that starship technology has targeted delivery services similar to Amazon. But on the other hand, if robot distribution really saves costs, Amazon has no reason not to integrate robots into their supply chain. In fact, starship technology still has many problems to solve. The company said that its robot consumes less electricity than most bulbs, but it did not give precise data, such as how much electricity it consumes to drive a kilometer. In addition, the outside world has not yet known how much the maintenance and repair costs of these robots and whether the company has been approved to let robots walk on the sidewalk

analysts predict that the global robot market will increase to 83billion pounds by 2025. Therefore, such automatic devices, whether driverless cars or delivery robots, will soon become as common as old-fashioned bicycles

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