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Robots explain the good life of the Han people? Come to China's Han painting tour to see

Zhejiang July 22 (Zhejiang dongxiaoyi) wearing Han clothes, painting Han makeup and dancing Han dances, Hangzhou Chaoren gathered in Vientiane City, setting off a retro style...

at 3 p.m. on July 21, the opening ceremony of "China meets the new utilization requirements of Han painting Tour" was held here. "Chinese Han painting Tour Exhibition" is jointly organized by the Chinese Han painting society, Coart Yilian Park, Zhejiang xinyada culture and Hangzhou Youyu art culture. The rubbings of Han paintings from 2000 years ago will be the first to be exhibited in the Mixc for Hangzhou citizens to enjoy closely

see Han paintings and understand the good life of the people of the Han Dynasty

Zhang Ying, the curator who created the "exhibition of the authentic works of strange coffee Dali" last year, wanted to bring some special artistic experience to the trendy people in Hangzhou, so there was this exhibition

these rubbings of Han paintings provided by the Chinese Han painting society almost include public cultural and Museum institutions that collect Han Dynasty stone reliefs and brick reliefs nationwide. Most of them are first-class collections or representative works in the collection. The exhibits are in various forms, reflecting the regional characteristics of Chinese Han paintings and the rich formal language and style, and showing the achievements of Chinese Han paintings in the fields of excavation, collation, collection, research and so on

According to Zhang Ying, the Han Dynasty was a great and powerful Dynasty in the history of the Chinese nation. People used stones as paper, knives as pens, ink lines and colors to form Han paintings. These Han rubbing exhibits show the life scenes of the people of the Han Dynasty, such as chariots and horses traveling, greeting and paying homage to guests, fishing and hunting, music and dance acrobatics, zither and zither harmonizing, six Bo chess, shooting and military competition, fish and Dragons spreading, historical stories of virtuous monarchs and ministers, martial arts lords, chaste martyrs, martyrs who died in the country, as well as spiritual beasts such as green dragons, white tigers, rosefinches, and basaltic weapons

"some people may think that Chinese painting is very academic, serious and difficult to understand. Before the cement is dried, it is only one step away from us." Zhang Ying said that how did the people of the Han Dynasty socialize? What was the scene of the landlord's rent collection? Would they also have trouble with house prices? What kind of gods and beasts do they like? Seeing Han paintings, you can understand the daily life of the people of the Han Dynasty

cross border Chinese painting exhibition, setting off a retro trend

in order to attract more young people to come to the scene to contact traditional culture, "Chinese Han painting tour exhibition at this time requires a large number of estimated stress, elongation" not only free tickets, but also the assumption of combining multiple brands to build momentum can not deal with questions

star Xu Jiao took her Chinese element brand Zhiyu set to the exhibition. In 2016, Xu Jiao founded zhiyuji, a well-known Chinese clothing brand. This year, zhiyuji, as the only clothing brand with Chinese Han clothing elements, participated in the Sino Italian Culture Festival and won the Sino Italian culture outstanding contribution award

"the full name of Hanfu is the traditional costumes of the Han nationality. Similar to the word Han people, the meaning of Chinese characters in Hanfu also has the process of expanding from the Han Dynasty to the reference of the whole nation. I hope the traditional elements can live in modern times." At the opening ceremony of the "Chinese Han painting Tour", Xu Jiao introduced Hanfu and Han culture, "there are many essence in traditional culture, which I want to inherit and carry forward. Now, more and more young people like Hanfu and traditional culture." At the event, Xu Jiao also showed two sets of improved Hanfu

Li Yapeng said that he is now engaged in the promotion of many traditional cultures. For example, the Academy Chinese culture development foundation, which has several public welfare academies, has launched nearly 10000 Chinese culture courses

the world's leading artificial intelligence and humanoid robot company, youbixuan, also contributed to the "Chinese Han painting Tour". At the scene, the alpha robot of youbixuan dressed in Chinese clothes and danced Chinese dance. The collision between tradition and technology is refreshing. In the next whole exhibition period, the robot will act as the commentator of Chinese painting. "In the past few years, we have been seeking breakthroughs and innovations, and have carried out cross-border cooperation with the cultural industry. We hope to use artificial intelligence and humanoid robot technology to promote the development of the cultural industry, and help consumers feel the resonance with art and culture from a new perspective through science and technology," said Tan min, CBO of uberselect

this exhibition also set up an interactive area, where you can experience wearing Chinese clothes and painting Chinese makeup while enjoying Chinese paintings, and have more opportunities to get Chinese painting derivatives and tattoo stickers for free

"art IP has great potential for young people." Zhang Ying said. Next, the "Chinese Han painting Tour" will also travel to Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, Nanning, Kunming and other cities

Chinese Han painting tour exhibition

time: July 2018 8.12

location: 1st floor, Mixc, Hangzhou

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