The hottest robot fingers cope with aging

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Robot "fingers" to cope with aging

in order to cope with the aging society and create a more humanized working environment and scope of work after the power is turned on, FESTO, a global automation technology supplier, launched exohand, which is developed and produced based on soft robot technology, and can be used as a platform to develop new applications of service robots, as well as a personal assistance system, It is an ideal solution for human-machine collaboration in the future industrial environment

exohand is an exoskeleton that adapts to the human hand alone. It can support the human hand from the outside and simulate the level of physical freedom of the human hand. Such a long-term vision is to use its advantages to produce equipment for processing plastic, metal and rubber parts. The fingers can move flexibly and the length can be increased. As long as the movement occurs, these data will be recorded in time and transmitted to the robot in real time

in this system, there are eight pneumatic transmission devices to power the exoskeleton, allowing a single finger joint to have a high degree of flexibility and ergonomic control, which can act as the interface between employees and the control system; Secondly, it plays the role of robot hand. This is almost completely free to control the simulated hand

secondly, the servo pneumatic opening and closing control algorithm can allow a single finger joint to move accurately. This flexibility is crucial in human-computer interaction, because it can minimize damage

when robot hands are used for remote control in industrial environments, exohand can remotely engage in many complex actions in dangerous environments

this solution can also be used in the field of rehabilitation. For example, in the treatment of stroke, this robot hand can correct the paralyzed parts of patients, and can help people with newly paralyzed stroke lesions. Single 1 extensive plastic granulator is a combination of intelligent plastic granulators to restore the connection between brain and hand

with exohand, FESTO can not only develop effective solutions for industrial automation, but also establish itself as a pioneer in the field of service robots. When exohand is combined with robot in indoor or medical environment, humanization is extremely important. In particular, the flexibility of pneumatic system ensures the reliability of human-computer interaction

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