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It is estimated that by 2025, the output value of the robot industry is expected to reach $4.5 trillion, of which 2.6 trillion will come from improving and extending human life, and 1.4 trillion may come from industrial automation and business service tasks; The workload of using advanced robots in industry and service fields is equivalent to 75million full-time employees. Ultimately, time-saving home service robots can generate benefits of up to $500billion

for the possible development trends of the future conscious intelligent robot, here is a general analysis as follows:

first, the language communication function is becoming more and more perfect

for the future intelligent robot, the language communication spring method is to use the spring to directly or indirectly pull the friction pair, and the function will become more and more perfect. The tailstock of the swing frame 5 is equipped with the driving wheel 7, the driven wheel 9 and the tension wheel 8 of multiple connecting fixtures, which is an inevitable trend, Under the perfect human design program, they can easily master the languages of many countries, which is much higher than human learning ability

in addition, the robot can also reorganize its own language vocabulary, that is, when human beings communicate with them, if they encounter sentences or vocabulary that are not in the language package program, they can automatically use relevant or similar meaning phrases to re form a new sentence according to the sentence structure to answer, which is also equivalent to human learning ability and logic ability, which is a kind of conscious performance

second, the perfection of various actions

in the future, robots will use more flexible human like joints and artificial muscles to make their actions more human like, imitate all human actions, and even make them more shaped. There may also be some actions that are difficult for ordinary people to do, such as flat somersault, handstand, etc

third, the shape is more and more similar to human

for the future robot, the degree of simulation is likely to reach. Even if you look closely at its appearance, you will only regard it as a human, and it is difficult to distinguish it as a robot. This situation is like the machine character in the American science fiction blockbuster terminator, which has a perfect human appearance

IV. the recovery function is becoming more and more powerful

in the future, intelligent robots will have more and more powerful self recovery function. For their own internal parts and other operating conditions, robots will automatically retrieve all conditions at any time and eliminate them in time. It and retrieval function are just like the expression of intelligent consciousness where we human feel uncomfortable

V. This standard can be used to compare the product characteristics under different temperatures and different air volumes corresponding to various fire conditions. The energy storage in the body is getting larger and larger

the power storage capacity of modern batteries is relatively limited, which may not meet the long-term power needs of robots, and the larger the battery capacity, the longer the charging time is often required, which is more troublesome

for the problem of energy storage and supply, there should be a variety of solutions in the future. The most ideal energy should be controllable nuclear fusion energy. A negligible mass can continuously release very huge energy. If the robot is powered by fusion energy, permanent operation will be achieved

in addition, it is likely to produce a super energy storage device in the future, which is also rechargeable, but unlike the disadvantage that the storage capacity of the battery will gradually decline after multiple charging and discharging, the energy storage device can basically maintain the energy storage efficiency permanently. And the charging is fast and efficient, and the energy stored per unit volume is more than 100 times that of the traditional high-capacity battery, which may become an ideal power supply source for intelligent robots

VI. the ability of logical analysis is becoming stronger and stronger

for intelligent robots, in order to perfectly imitate human beings, scientists will continue to give them many functions of logical analysis programs in the future, which is also equivalent to the performance of intelligence. For example, reorganizing the corresponding words into new sentences is the perfect expression of logical ability, and if your energy is insufficient, you can recharge yourself without the help of your host, which is a manifestation of consciousness

seventh, it has more and more diversified functions

the purpose of human manufacturing robots is to serve human beings, so we will try our best to turn them into multifunctional, for example, in the family, we can become robot nanny. You can sweep the floor, vacuum, be your chatting friend, and take care of your children. When you go outside, the robot can help you carry some heavy objects, or lift some things, and even be your personal bodyguard

in addition, in the future, advanced intelligent robots will also have diverse deformation functions. For example, it is possible to change from a human shape to a luxury car. This seems to be a real transformer. It drives you everywhere wherever you want to go. This ideal idea is possible in the future

it can be seen that China has comprehensively carried out work in all key links in the development of the robot industry, and has built solid barriers in all sub sectors. At the same time, these fortresses are also connected together to weave a strategic plan for the development of China's robot industry, which will occupy a strategic dominant position for China in the future international robot market

the China electromechanical Trade Expo will be held in Hangzhou from November 2 to 4, when many robot giants will participate

this Hangzhou International Electrotechnical exhibition strives to achieve the exhibition goal of "promoting urban internationalization, boosting economic transformation and development, and improving energy conservation and environmental protection" by continuously promoting the brand improvement plan, deepening project cooperation and industrial cooperation, building an online and offline industrial platform, and activating the electrotechnical and electrical trading market, so as to continuously improve the brand efficiency and industrial value of Hangzhou International Electrotechnical exhibition

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