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Tianjin robot exhibition triggered industry 4.0 in March. I guess the "soft" in the zone just now attracted 80000 professional visitors

industry 4.0, a concept originated from the German government in 2013. However, when we mention industry 4.0 more than once, where is industry 4.0? Where should China's manufacturing industry go? We are eager to find the answer in the 4th China (Tianjin) International Industrial Robot Exhibition of China Manufacturing Expo

as the economic center of the north, Tianjin is representative and leading in the grand blueprint for the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry. It has formed an advantageous industrial system represented by aerospace, automobile manufacturing, marine engineering equipment, electronic universal testing machine, engineering machinery, rail transit, electronic information, biopharmaceutical, food packaging, etc., especially in the field of intelligent equipment manufacturing, The huge development potential of the market and the investment boom have been realized

transfer yourself from the idea of relying on coal. Tianjin robot exhibition was held in March

Siemens and other giants appeared to trigger industry 4.0 guess

on March, 2015, China (Tianjin) International Industrial Robot Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Tianjin International robot exhibition) will open in Tianjin, and more than 400 high-end technology and equipment manufacturers from more than 20 countries and regions around the world will gather in Meijiang, Tianjin, Present an unprecedented visual feast with the theme of industry 4.0 to the audience. This time, we will take you into Tianjin, Tianjin International Robot Exhibition and its host Zhenwei exhibition to further explore the door to the future of industry 4.0

according to Zhang Hejun, head of the organizing committee, Tianjin International Robot Exhibition, as the star project of China (Tianjin) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo and the core of the theme of industry 4.0, will focus on displaying all kinds of industrial robots, functional components and parts of industrial robots A series of intelligent systems such as industrial automation application products and solutions can also use computer finite element analysis and other calculation methods to analyze the stress and strain fields of integral components or parts. It is expected that the exhibition area will exceed 18000 square meters. The presence of global intelligent equipment manufacturing giants: Siemens, abb, KUKA, Yamaha, OTC, Panasonic, Yaskawa, FANUC, shimaisai, IMA and other powerful enterprises has made us have more reverie. In the era of industry 4.0, we may only need a pad to operate the whole production line with a finger, and get the data and information feedback of each step at any time; Perhaps in the near future, the manufacturing industry will realize unmanned production, and we will really be replaced by robots and smart factories and lose our jobs. A series of conjectures have attracted the attention of a large number of domestic and foreign related enterprises to this exhibition in order to give full play to the respective advantages of enterprises and scientific research institutions

flexible lean manufacturing, human-computer interaction key exhibition

80000 visitors, the proportion of invited decision makers exceeds 70%

the person in charge of the fourth Tianjin International Robot Exhibition said in an interview: industry 4.0, as the name suggests, is the fourth industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing, which covers flexible lean manufacturing, cloud computing, big data, as well as emerging technologies such as IOT based on sensors and high-speed networks. These emerging technologies will be integrated into smart factories and intelligent production, and involve every important link of the whole enterprise, such as production logistics management, human-computer interaction, 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Therefore, the exhibition of core technologies and new products of IOT, 3D printing, flexible robots, human-computer interaction, automatic logistics systems, sensors and other intelligent equipment will become the top priority of our exhibition content this year

the organizing committee has launched the global audience invitation program. With the support of a huge database, a database of up to 300000 visitors has been established, and it is expected that 80000 professional visitors will visit and purchase. According to the data of the last exhibition, among the professional visitors, the proportion of company decision-makers exceeded 70%, of which the chairman level accounted for 34.33%, the general manager and deputy general manager level accounted for 21.96%, and the purchasing department manager accounted for 14.98%. High quality professional visitors provide high standard exhibition services for exhibitors and conference organizers

according to the audience Organization Department of the organizing committee, more than 200 visiting groups have signed up for the fourth Tianjin International Robot Exhibition held in Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center in March, including China Shipbuilding Industry Group Corporation, Tianjin Master Kong Food Co., Ltd., Tianjin Samsung Motor Co., Ltd., Foxconn (Tianjin) Precision Industry Co., Ltd., Tianjin Textile machinery and equipment research institute, Tianjin FAW Toyota Tianjin Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd., Tianjin seamless steel pipe factory, Tianjin Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., Tianjin Coca Cola Beverage Co., Ltd., Tianjin Yilikang frozen food, Tianjin Siwei machinery equipment, Zhongji Equipment Co., Ltd. and many other well-known enterprises. For details, please log in: or call the Organizing Committee:

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