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Robot giants at home and abroad show a heavy show on May 9, Luoyang robot exhibition live performance

the 2016 Luoyang robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition hosted by Luoyang Municipal People's government and hosted by Tianjin Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd. will be held in Luoyang Convention and Exhibition Center on May, 2016. This exhibition, together with many other companies and institutions The government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the organization for economic cooperation and development (economic cooperation and development has built a one-stop docking platform for intelligent equipment, so that buyers and sellers can connect, industry people can communicate, and then promote the development of Luoyang local intelligent manufacturing industry.

after the visit and investigation of the organizing committee, Luoyang heavy industry central enterprises and state-owned enterprises such as Luoyang axis, Luotuo, Luotong, Luobo, etc. have strong demand for transformation and upgrading, robot intelligent equipment, etc. in addition, Luoyang has developed processing industry, For example, industries such as metal cabinet, shoemaking, motorcycle, etc. also have high requirements for machine replacement, especially welding robots, loading and unloading robots, palletizing robots, etc., which have strong procurement demand

relying on the local industrial needs and regional advantages, Luoyang robot exhibition mainly invited Yaskawa motor (China) Co., Ltd., one of the four robot families, and international well-known enterprise youao robot Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., as well as CITIC Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., a well-known national brand enterprise in China, plus a small amount of clock Oil Co., Ltd., Wuhu Ruisi robot Co., Ltd., Foshan Xinpeng Robot Technology Co., Ltd Zhengzhou Kehui Technology Co., Ltd. and other industrial robots participated in the exhibition

Yasukawa Denki (Kabushiki GAISHA Yasukawa Denki, Yasukawa Electric Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1915. It is a famous robot company in Japan and the largest industrial robot company in Japan. Together with abb in Switzerland, FANUC in Japan and KUKA robot in Germany, it is known as the four families in the field of robots and human beings. It is a leading enterprise in the field of industrial robots (welding robots). As of 2013, the cumulative number of robots sold by Yaskawa Electric has exceeded 280000, becoming the champion of global robot sales

the six axis vertical multi joint robot brought by Yaskawa robot to the exhibition just meets the needs of local enterprises in Luoyang, and can be used in laser cutting, welding, arc welding, handling and other industries. Four lifting screws can be removed

in addition, Yaskawa will bring two arm coffee robots this time. When you feel a little tired during the visit to Luoyang robot exhibition, come to the booth in Yaskawa and let the coffee robot make a cup of coffee for you to keep your spirit and continue the visit

in terms of life service robots, alpha is the robot that makes Lantern Festival after the Spring Festival Gala. Its hot dance performance caused a strong shock, and then it was quickly known by people, and the robot of the Spring Festival Gala became famous. Where will alpha, the robot actor who has caused such a response, perform in May? No. 1 is in Luoyang Convention and Exhibition Center

in addition to the Spring Festival Gala robot's heavy debut at the Luoyang robot exhibition, the organizing committee has also invited the white lady welcome robot of Hangzhou happy flying technology company, the hot pot meal delivery robot of one meter robot company, Lego's education robot and other products to be exhibited one by one at the Luoyang machine sealable food plastic bag exhibition

what are you waiting for? Come to Luoyang Convention and Exhibition Center on May to witness the performances of various robots

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