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Taking advantage of the robot "feast" to build a new highland of artificial intelligence industry in Jinan Tianqiao District

· Qilu Yidian Qi Yunlei correspondent correspondent Yang Zi Meng Zheng pan Yanhu

from June 1 to 2, 2019 Zhongguancun (Jinan) industrial base cup China service robot competition kicked off in Jinan Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center. As the most influential and authoritative service robot competition in China, the competition attracted 786 teams from 121 universities including Tianjin University and Jilin University, with more than 2000 players. At the same time of the competition, the 2019 China service robot development forum was also held, which brought together famous scholars, experts and industry elites from the Chinese robot academic and industrial circles to exchange the development strategy of the robot industry and discuss the hot cutting-edge technologies and academic achievements of artificial intelligence around the multiple dimensions of AI technology innovation and service robot industry application

first layout to create a new highland of artificial intelligence industry

as the Pearl at the top of the crown of manufacturing industry, the research and development, manufacturing and application of robots have become an important symbol of scientific and technological innovation and high-end manufacturing level that can only be used for two years and is suitable for hc=100- l/0.025. In recent years, Tianqiao District is gradually transforming and upgrading to intelligent manufacturing industry, supporting and expanding the development of artificial intelligence projects, and is first deployed in Jinan new materials industrial park

as the primary carrier of Tianqiao District and the development of real economy in Hebei Province, Jinan new materials Industrial Park has formed five industrial systems of new materials, optoelectronic communication, intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine and modern logistics, and has taken artificial intelligence as a breakthrough in the development of intelligent manufacturing industry, quietly opening the prelude to the growth of the robot industry

in the carnival of the Asian civilization Conference on May 15 this year, Keya electronics, an enterprise in the park, entered the bird's nest and used its high-precision servo system precise positioning technology and multi drive collaboration technology to complete the overall interaction between the nine peacocks and the actors in the performance "auspicious auspicious", realizing the perfect integration of artificial intelligence technology and dancers, achieving a beautiful and dazzling effect. At present, with its unique servo control technology, the company is listed as the first batch of modern advantageous industrial clusters + artificial intelligence pilot demonstration enterprises in the province

in April last year, Zhongguancun (Jinan) industrial base settled in the park, signed 22 high-quality enterprises from Zhongguancun Haidian Park at the same time, and a number of new models and formats of AI industry with vitality and potential gathered and developed in the park. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the base, a number of artificial intelligence industrial projects such as Fangde robot have been introduced, realizing the spread of intelligent manufacturing industry from point to surface, and the transformation from single link automation to comprehensive intelligence, which has become a breakthrough to drive the industrial transformation and upgrading of Jinan new materials Industrial Park and cultivate new economic momentum

at present, Jinan new material industrial park has included the development of robot industry into the key development plan of intelligent manufacturing. Zhao Xinsheng, director of the Management Committee of Jinan new materials Industrial Park, said that the robot revolution has become a trend, and robots will become an important growth point to drive the industrial transformation and upgrading of the park. This year, the park plans to introduce about 20 robot projects, strive to build a robot industry chain with artificial intelligence, automated production lines, and Intelligent Cloud factories as the core, and create a new highland for the development of the robot industry

attracting talents and injecting new vitality into the city of intelligent manufacturing

it is reported that this competition is the first cooperation between the Chinese society of automation and Tianqiao District. It is very important to become an important step in the industrial upgrading and development of artificial intelligence in Tianqiao District. Liuchenghua, Secretary of the Tianqiao District Party committee, said that by taking the competition as the media, introducing talents through the competition, and using the combination of online and offline, we can promote the seamless connection between various industrial resources and market demand, and promote the rapid implementation of high-quality projects

during the competition, Tianqiao District also focused on the development and planning layout of the artificial intelligence industry, and threw olive branches to the experts, scholars and college talents attending the meeting, reached a cooperation consensus with the Chinese society of automation, excavated a number of teams, enterprises and entrepreneurial projects with innovative ability and high growth potential to invest and start businesses in the park, and established industry university research partnerships with some universities and scientific research institutes through project cooperation Flexible introduction of practical talents by means of technology shares

in recent years, Tianqiao District has firmly established the concept of talent leading catch-up development, highlighted the theme of talent supporting the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and made efforts to build a new highland for Talent Gathering and development, focusing on the four major projects of Fengqi Tianqiao high-level talent gathering project, talent leading cultivation project, talent platform carrier improvement project, and talent service precision project, providing strong talent support for comprehensively accelerating catch-up development. Among them, the maximum support for leading entrepreneurial teams is 10million yuan, the maximum support for innovative talents is 2million yuan, the maximum subsidy for talent introduction for key enterprises is 500000 yuan, and the maximum subsidy for talent intermediaries is 300000 yuan, so as to further promote the transformation from government led talent introduction to government guided talent introduction

at present, Tianqiao District has set up a special fund for talent development, and will invest no less than 10million yuan every year for talent (team) introduction and training, talent project funding, talent work recognition and reward, platform carrier award and subsidy, etc. The whole region has formed a situation of promoting industrial development with high-end talents, gathering high-end talents with industrial development, and benign interaction between talents and industry

according to the requirements of the guiding opinions on the development of robot industry in Jinan, by 2022, Jinan will be built into an influential and competitive industrial base for machine and human tools with simple construction. In the future, Tianqiao District will take the development of robot industry integrating artificial intelligence as the new strategic goal and innovation focus, cultivate independent brands and enterprises of robots, speed up the construction of high-end industrial mechanism of robots, and provide a model for the development of high-end intelligent manufacturing industry and accelerating the construction of digital economy

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