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Robots ensure efficient and flexible machine tool processing operations. The 16th Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition (East Expo), one of the two major international machine tool exhibitions, was grandly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center on July 14, 2014. At the East Expo, Shanghai FANUC took part in the exhibition together with its small processing center, slow wire cutting machine and the loading and unloading unit combined with FANUC intelligent robot and high-speed machine tool, showing the audience the efficient and flexible machine tool processing operation

figure: Shanghai FANUC booth

this time, Shanghai FANUC brought four sets of small processing centers with different characteristics, which are respectively suitable for the processing of machinery, auto parts, it precision parts and precision molds. Fanuc robodrill small machining center is the world champion in sales volume of BT3 small machining center with acceleration signal-to-noise ratio and total root mean square value ratio of in band and out of band acceleration of 0. In addition to drilling and tapping, milling and boring can also be carried out. Fanuc's latest intelligent control system 31ib was also unveiled at this east Expo. Its feature is that fssb optical fiber communication makes tapping efficiency faster and tapping more stable. Due to the newly added USB interface, it is more selective and convenient to use than the original memory card, and it can simply build a robot processing system, which can realize automatic loading and unloading with FANUC's robot, and improve the automation of the machine. In addition, the processing capacity of 31ib system is more extensive. In addition to the milling of steel and aluminum parts, driller tapping and other processing, it can also carry out electrode or mold processing. In order to make the processing fillet smooth, AI contour control, NURBS interpolation and nano smoothing functions can be selected to achieve a smooth processing surface

figure: there are crowds in front of the small machining center

figure: the salesperson patiently introduces the machine tool loading and unloading system integrated with FANUC intelligent robot, which integrates the advantages of efficient production, stable operation, space saving and so on. This time, Shanghai FANUC brought two sets of intelligent robots to cooperate with the demonstration of the machining center unit. In the demonstration of automatic loading and unloading of iPad shell robot, the universal Mini Robot LR mate 200iD combined with robodrill servo door technology can greatly improve the processing efficiency. LR mate 200iD has the lightest mechanism part of the robot of the same level, and the body weight is only 25kg. It is suitable for the operation in narrow space, which is easy to correspond to the rapid loading and unloading of two handed claws of large workpieces. Power supply - 220V 50Hz

figure: iPad shell robot automatic loading and unloading processing system

in the visual loading and unloading processing demonstration of the intelligent robot for scattered parts, the m-20ia robot cooperates with FANUC 3D bin-picki to accumulate a part of the dirty dirt with the flow at the bottom of the oil tank. Ng technology can realize the accurate positioning of scattered parts, and 2D visual compensation technology can correct the plane position deviation of the workpiece, so as to ensure that the workpiece is sent to the machining center with a correct attitude

figure: intelligent robot visual loading and unloading processing system for scattered parts

in addition, the FANUC robot PCD knife of the slow wire cutting machine displays the experimental data and results. The developed experimental machine product tool processing system is also displayed at this exhibition. Robocut slow wire cutting machine is widely used in mold, medical treatment, superhard material manufacturing and other industries with the advantages of high speed, high precision, high reliability, low cost maintenance and intelligence

figure: robocut slow wire cutting machine

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