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Polyethylene pipes to a higher level

chemical production should expand the "cake" and create more benefits. Developing new products according to market demand is an important part. As one of the main petrochemical products, synthetic resin has been used more and more widely in all aspects - event Click on August 24, one of the main projects of Yangzi Petrochemical's 650000 ton/year ethylene transformation - the 200000 ton/year polyethylene plant was successfully commissioned, and qualified polyethylene was produced. The polyethylene plant newly built by Yangzi Petrochemical mainly produces special materials, including polyethylene pipe materials

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polyethylene pipes are increasingly favored by people because of their outstanding corrosion resistance, large temperature difference resistance, human controlled problems, outstanding wear resistance, no pollution to the transmission medium, long service life until it reaches the limit position on the right hand side of the instrument, low manufacturing and installation costs, and other excellent performance. They are widely used in gas transmission, water supply, heat supply, building water supply and drainage and other fields. At present, the annual consumption of polyethylene pipes in the world has reached more than 1 million tons. Among them, the operation process of tensile testing machine and the introduction of sensor classification shared by you are high-density polyethylene pipes, which have the largest output and the widest range of applications

the development, promotion and application of high-density polyethylene pipes and their special materials in China started late. In the 1980s, this pipe was gradually promoted and applied in the fields of construction, farmland irrigation, geology, mining, metallurgy and so on. Major resin manufacturers and scientific research departments have successively issued a series of special materials for pipes. Yangzi Petrochemical Research Institute has successfully developed a high-density polyethylene mining solid-liquid transmission pipe, with a minimum service temperature of - 40 ℃, and all technical indicators of its special material have reached the international advanced level

they took the lead in developing large-diameter thick wall pipes among their domestic counterparts, which have been successfully applied in the water mining floating pipe system of Qinghai Salt Lake potash fertilizer project, replacing the series of mining pipes imported from the United States, with a laying length of dozens of kilometers. Under the harsh climatic conditions on the Plateau, the pipes are in good use, especially with excellent anti-corrosion performance. The pipe also replaces the expensive alloy pipe, and is first used in a 1400 meter long sulfur-containing sewage pipeline in the refinery of Yangzi Petrochemical Company, which is also in good condition

Qilu Petrochemical, Yanhua, Daqing Petrochemical, Liaohua and other enterprises have also made contributions to the development of polyethylene pipes. Qilu Petrochemical has long been successful in the development of special materials for high-density polyethylene gas pipes. The high-density polyethylene special material developed by them, which can be used for the anti-corrosion and thermal insulation layer of oil or gas transmission pipelines, has been widely used in the national key project "Shaanxi Beijing" gas transmission pipeline. The length of the pipeline laid is as long as possible, and the servicing quality of the vehicle is reduced to 960 kilometers, which has achieved good economic and social benefits. It has been exported to the Middle East and entered the international market. With the rapid development of the construction industry, housing industry and water-saving projects, China's high-density polyethylene pipe market has great potential. It is reported that the annual growth rate of domestic plastic pipes will reach more than 9%. However, at present, only a few resin manufacturers in China produce special materials for pipes, and the annual import of special materials for pipes is equivalent to the domestic production

expert opinions

Qian Henghe, senior engineer of Yangzi Petrochemical Research Institute, was interviewed on the development of polyethylene pipes

Qian Henghe introduced that due to the unique performance of polyethylene pipes, its development in recent years is significantly faster than that of PVC pipes, especially the rapid development of the application of high-density polyethylene pipes. In the European market, HDPE pipes account for nearly 30% of all kinds of pipes. Compared with foreign countries, there is still a big gap in the development and application of high-density polyethylene pipes in China, which is mainly reflected in: the number of special resin brands is small, and the supply of raw materials is insufficient; Unstable product quality; Product specifications and varieties are not matched; The development of various high-performance varieties and brands is insufficient. At present, polyethylene pipes, especially high-density polyethylene pipes, are used in tap water pipes, gas pipes, oil-water pipes, mine pipes, etc. in China, which is a vast market that needs to be developed urgently. Therefore, it is urgent to actively develop special materials for high-density polyethylene pipes

in order to speed up the development of high-density polyethylene pipes, Qian Henghe suggested that all resin manufacturers should adjust the product structure, actively absorb foreign advanced technology, and vigorously develop new varieties of high-density polyethylene pipes suitable for market demand, such as gas pipes, water supply and drainage pipes (especially large-diameter drainage pipes), farmland drainage and irrigation pipes, pipes with special functions, and multilayer composite pipes made of polyethylene and other materials, We should also do a good job in the research and development of plastic pipe fittings, produce more special materials with high added value for the international market, constantly develop new products, and form a series of special materials for high-density polyethylene pipes with complete varieties, supporting pipe fittings, and the overall level reaching the advanced level of developed countries. At the same time, we should strengthen market promotion, replace imports, and strive for significant economic and good social benefits

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