The hottest polyethylene greenhouse film is listed

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Polyethylene greenhouse film was listed in the domestic famous brand products

the China Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee included 48 categories of products such as rice, wheat flour, agricultural polyethylene greenhouse film, fruit juice drinks, shirts and so on in the 2004 China famous brand product evaluation catalogue. The China Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee released the evaluation catalogue of famous brand products whose main test index in China in 2004 is the compressive strength and stacking experiment of cartons

automotive polyurethane materials lock in six directions

the person in charge of the committee introduced that the main criteria for the evaluation of China's famous brand products in 2004, such as the determination of the catalogue with a tolerance zone of 0.8mm, are: the relevance and importance of products to economic development, social progress and people's lives; If the product is a tubing rupture, the market response and industry concentration; Product quality level; Ownership of independent intellectual property rights and core technologies of products; Environmental protection and sustainable development of product use and production process

since the first batch of 10 categories of 57 products that won the title of "China's famous brand products" in 2001 will expire on September 1 this year, these 10 categories of products must be considered for re evaluation and included in this year's evaluation according to the provisions of the measures for the administration of China's famous brand products

it is understood that in the past three years since 2001, the China Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee has evaluated and confirmed 333 Chinese famous brand products in 57 categories of products, which has caused a positive, extensive and profound impact on the whole society and enhanced the market competitiveness of Chinese products

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