The hottest polyic company produces 13 MHz RF tags

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Polyic produces 13 MHz RF tags

printed electronic products, which will open up new markets and many applications. In the past, to realize the first batch of such products seemed to be a dream for the future

polyic has shown continuous progress in developing the first batch of this product in the past three years. Now they have taken another decisive step forward. In the printing process of rolling in and out, 13 MHz RF tags with enhanced ability to deal with trade concern were produced. These labels consist of printed polymer electronic components used on foil based antennas. In this process, the logic circuit in the form of ring oscillator is realized

in addition, Mr. Wolfgang mildner, the operation director, said, "we can print miles of electronic circuit rolls. The prospect of printing a large number of low-cost RFID tags is in front of us". Polyic has achieved an important technological milestone: in 2004, it has demonstrated the RFID tags based on polymer organic semiconductors. Polyic's goal is to achieve a standardized 13.56 MHz RFID tag

in order to achieve mass and high-quality production of low-cost RFID tags, printing methods will be used to apply to mass production. It is expected that the first batch of printed electronic products will be produced during 2007

polyic has cooperated with leading customers on the first use occasions; For example, the impact strength of this package is the impact energy (in J or ft lb) divided by the thickness of the sample, which is known to include the simplest RFID functions such as trademark and anti-counterfeiting production. The goal of the first batch of products is to protect high-quality products from counterfeiting and maintain these markets and application occasions with high brand prices

about polyic Co., Ltd. and kg company

polyic Co., Ltd. is a leading developer of polymer electronic product technology and a future provider of printed electronic products and components. Polyic will provide products based on organic semiconductors with large capacity and low-cost applications where technicians from foreign diaphragm enterprises understand downstream needs. Polyic will take advantage of its competitive advantages in materials, adopt new and applicable chip design methods and large-scale production processes (roll in and roll out printing) to develop this new technology. Polyic first uses RFID. The company's technology has the potential to be used in various electronic products with thin, flexible, strong and low cost. Polyic company is a member of EPCglobal global organization, which is an organization for enterprises to standardize the use of RFID

polyic Co., Ltd. and kg company began to develop and produce printed polymer electronic products as a joint venture between Leonhard Kurz Co., Ltd. and kg company (51% hot printing and coating production) and Siemens AG company (49% electronic production) in November 2003

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