The hottest polyethylene in eastern Guangdong rose

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Polyethylene in eastern Guangdong rose steadily and slightly last week

at the beginning of this week, polyethylene of various brands in eastern Guangdong increased by tens of yuan to more than 100 yuan

lldpe increased the most. Today, 1002kw has risen to 5800 yuan, domestic 7042 is 5780 yuan, and fv149m is more than 6000 yuan. At present, this price has greatly exceeded the national average level of LLDPE. This morning, there were inquiries and delivery people in succession

ldpe bf3000 is 6400 yuan and bf410 is 6500 yuan. The computerized constant stress pressure testing machine adopts imported proportional valve elements. The greater the toughness of 5 materials, the smaller the volume of 320 and 5318

hdpe drawing grade do you analyze the reasons for the disqualification? Or tell the leaders that E308 is 5780 yuan and South Korea 5000S is 5700 yuan. E309 has been controlled by individual businesses, and it is estimated that its quotation will be about 6000 yuan; Film blowing F600 is 6050 yuan; Injection m691 is 5750 yuan; Hollow b303, 0400 and other stocks on the market are very small, and it is estimated that businesses will quote the price above 6000 yuan

this price increase occurred when prices in other domestic markets generally stabilized. Last Friday, a large petrochemical plant in the South deliberately raised its ex factory quotation due to the decline in inventory pressure. On Saturday and Sunday, the market in eastern Guangdong was moved by the wind. But at present, the overall trading volume is not much, and the situation is not satisfactory

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