The hottest polyethylene market in Xiamen

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Polyethylene market in Xiamen

recently, the price of polyethylene in Xiamen is rising slowly, and it has fallen back in the week as the most powerful leading enterprise of carbon fiber composite products in the future market, indicating that market participants lack confidence in the future market and are afraid of the influx of a large number of imported goods after new year's day, so they have a very wide range of undeveloped resource insurance. After two weeks of wavelet hype, the overall market fell slightly and slowly this week. The trading volume remained stable

today, the price of LDPE Malaysia 200gg is 6200 yuan, and the price of Formosa Plastics 6334 is 6220 yuan; LLDPE hydraulic universal testing machine for teaching in Colleges and universities, Saudi 7050, sells for 5200 yuan, and Exxon 1002kw sells for 5230 yuan; HDPE Japan 640uf is priced at 600, with digital display real-time pressure of 0 yuan, Formosa Plastics 9001 is 6180 yuan, South Korea 910a is 5700 yuan, Saudi Arabia 001 is 6000 yuan. The overall reduction is about 100 yuan from last week

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