The hottest polyethylene market in Shantou fell 0

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Recently, due to the attack of internal and external factors on Shantou polyethylene market, it has been in a downward trend for two trading weeks since the national day inspection report was issued, and it fell by dozens of yuan as a whole yesterday

as the agricultural film materials imported according to the preferential index of agricultural film in the third quarter have basically arrived in the northern region, the accumulation of agricultural film materials in the surrounding areas of each main port has reached a historical high. There is also a rumor in the market that the application protection Bento of preferential indicators for agricultural film in the fourth quarter has been issued. There is also a rumor that "Yuanda" and "Zhongbao" groups each received 50000 tons of indicators, intensifying the fear of the market. This week, the relevant varieties in the northern market have fallen to a relatively historical low. The mainstream price of LLDPE in Qilu Chemical City is about 5900 yuan, and the price of LDPE is also 6700 yuan. The previous week, the ex factory price of LLDPE from Tianjin Lianhua, Panjin Ethylene and other manufacturers had been adjusted to 5900 yuan, forming a scuffle situation with imported materials. In the early stage, because the LLDPE production lines of Guangzhou Petrochemical and Maoming Petrochemical were changed to other products, and recently, foreign LLDPE was mostly imported from the northern main port. Therefore, the decline of LLDPE in Shantou is not obvious after the national day. Recently, after the prices of LDPE and LLDPE in northern China showed signs of stabilization, the oversold market has a trend of gradually continuing southward, which has affected Shantou at present

in the past two days, there have been predictions and rumors about the decline of the external market in Shantou market, but the staff of the business office denied it. The manufacturers said that the current market price reduction was mainly caused by weak demand, and the external price reduction was of little significance. The manufacturer still maintained the offer of last week and did not consider reducing the offer. But yesterday, a dealer with goods in hand made an offer of LLDPE 3305 usd530, indicating that market participants are still not optimistic that the market slippage problem has been solved

in terms of the market as a whole this year, the oversupply is an indisputable fact. After the 9.11 incident, the product industry in the surrounding areas of Shantou and the Pearl River Delta fell into a low tide, which was in sharp contrast to the market in the same period of previous years. The performance indicators of raw materials such as PP or PE resin had a great impact on the performance of the diaphragm, and the market psychology was too fragile. In a period of time after the national day, the arrival of DPE in Shantou reached more than 6000 tons. In today's Shantou market, this number has constituted the most direct factor to suppress the market. Even when the price fell, the trading volume did not increase significantly

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