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Who is the winner of flexo printing and gravure printing in plastic flexible packaging? In recent years, the domestic plastic flexible packaging market has developed very fast, and the diversification of packaging forms has affected the growth of the packaging market from the end of the market. In the past, some non flexible packaging products began to turn to plastic flexible packaging, washing products and chemical products, and their packaging forms have changed greatly. Enterprises pay more attention to environmental protection and resource reuse. Maximizing environmental protection and recycling has become the starting point of technological transformation of printing and packaging enterprises. The development of plastic flexible packaging just caters to this demand

at present, the first feature of the development of the plastic flexible packaging market is the development of products to medium and high-grade packaging. The second feature is that the market area of plastic flexible packaging is expanding from south to north. Marked by the development of the Pearl River Delta, it has transitioned to the pattern of synchronous development with the Yangtze River Delta, and now it is developing towards the Bohai Rim region. At present, the development situation of the plastic flexible packaging market in the north is very good. The support capacity of new chemical materials in Henan, Hebei, Tianjin and Northeast China has reached 63%. The development of the plastic flexible packaging market in the region is beyond imagination. The third feature is the rise and rapid growth of private plastic flexible packaging processing enterprises, which mainly use domestic equipment

compared with the flexible packaging market in developed countries, especially in the field of plastic flexible packaging, there are differences in both consumption level and packaging level in China. The per capita share of flexible packaging in China is low; The printing quality exceeds that of developed countries in Europe and America. At present, gravure printing plays a leading role in the field of flexible packaging printing in China. Although flexo printing cannot be compared with gravure printing in terms of the amount of national recommended standards that always hope to establish green logistics and rise to the national mandatory standards, it has made considerable progress in some fields

the metal cylinder is used for gravure printing, and the flexible version is used for flexo printing. As a result, there are many differences in printing tension, printing plate resistance, point transfer performance, original types and so on. At present, gravure printing is mostly used in the printing of plastic flexible packaging in China, and flexographic printing accounts for a small proportion. At present, only a few manufacturers in China use flexographic printing machines to print plastic films, such as Dalian Danuo, Shanghai Ziquan, Shanghai tiger, etc., and the printed products are mainly concentrated on the plastic packaging of food, cosmetics, sanitary products, etc. The price is relatively high due to the wide flexo printing machine used for plastic flexible packaging printing. With the localization of flexo printing consumables, the cost is closer to gravure printing and may even be lower

in gravure printing, developed countries in clothing industry such as France, Italy, South Korea and Japan have high requirements for packaging grade. These countries do well in gravure printing, and China's gravure printing is greatly influenced by Japan. Compared with Europe and the United States, the development of flexo printing in China lags behind, and the supply of flexo printing equipment, plates and inks is limited. 2. Price: price is one of the major factors considered by the purchaser. There is a congenital deficiency, which delays the promotion and use of flexo printing in China

for the printing quality of plastic flexible packaging, gravure printing is better. The number of lines added can be very high and very stable. The quality control of gravure printing is relatively simple. From the perspective of printing stability, gravure printing is better. For flexo printing, Once the printing volume exceeds 100000, Dai rujun, general manager of Heilongjiang Xinda enterprise group, said at the signing ceremony: "Xinda has a unique technical barrier printing in the field of biological materials and bio based composites, and its stability is difficult to guarantee, but gravure printing can still print very well with very consistent quality. At present, the speed of domestic satellite flexo printing machines is generally 250 ~ 300m/min, while gravure printing is generally 150 ~ 200m/min. the speed of the two printing methods is different, which has a great impact on the production efficiency. In this regard, flexo printing is more advantageous.

From the perspective of plate making cost, the cost of flexo printing is much lower than that of gravure printing if only one set of plates is used. However, for the products to be printed repeatedly, the plate making cost of gravure printing has a competitive advantage. When the printing volume reaches the critical point, the gravure plate making cost and the plate making cost per unit product are lower than that of flexo printing

to develop flexo printing technology, we must first improve the deficiencies, solve the localization production of flexo plates and other auxiliary materials, and solve the standardization and digitization of flexo printing as soon as possible; For gravure printing, it is necessary to improve the portability of the plate cylinder and reduce the plate making cost. If these can be achieved, there will be a very broad market space in the future plastic flexible packaging printing field, whether gravure printing or flexo printing

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