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Who is the new prime minister proposed by Putin

release date: Source: Beijing News

Putin proposed that Mikhail mishuskin, director of the Russian federal tax bureau, be the new prime minister

on January 15 local time, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced the resignation of all Russian governments. Subsequently, Russian President Vladimir Putin accepted his resignation, but asked Medvedev and the caretaker government of the cabinet to continue to perform their duties until a new government was formed

Later that day, Putin proposed that Mikhail mishuskin, director of the Russian federal tax bureau, be the new prime minister, and mishuskin has agreed to take over. Sergey nevilov, deputy speaker of the Russian State Duma, said that on the 16th local time, the parliament would discuss the appointment of mishuskin

who is the new prime minister proposed by Putin

mishuskin was born in Moscow in march1966 and is 53 years old. He graduated from Stankin University of technology in Moscow, majoring in systems engineering, and then went on to further study, obtaining a doctor's degree in economics

in the 1990s, mishuskin led the International Computer Club (ICC), a non-profit organization aimed at promoting international computer cooperation. In August1998, he joined the state tax authorities as an assistant in charge of accounting information systems, and was later appointed deputy director of the Russian federal tax office, in charge of Taxation and taxation. After serving as deputy director general for about 5 years, he successively served as the head of the Russian Federation real estate Cadastral Administration and the federal Special Economic Zone Administration. Until 2008, mishuskin became president of the Russian United Financial Group (UFG)

in April2010, he was appointed director of the Russian federal tax office. According to the financial times, when he was the director of the tax bureau, mishuskin created a "future of tax management" in Russia by introducing a real-time digital system. The system can expose errors and fraud, and greatly increase national income. Rossiya-24 of Russia commented that mishuskin "created the best tax system in the world"

according to Vedomosti, a Russian business, mishuskin hopes to simplify the public service process of the tax authorities and combat corruption at the same time. He intends to open as many electronic services as possible in the federal revenue service

last year, mishuskin told the businessman that Russia needs to adapt to the era of digital technology and artificial intelligence, otherwise it will fall behind. He stressed that "we are entering the fourth industrial revolution, which is already a digital world." This coincides with Putin's statement that "the high-tech field will determine the future of Russia and the global economy"

according to the Russian news agency, mishuskin and Putin have a common hobby - playing ice hockey. Together with Igor Sechin, President of Rosneft, and other big names, he is a member of the supervisory committee of the central army ice hockey club in Moscow. Mishuskin often played ice hockey with senior officials of the Russian Federal Security Agency and maintained good relations with law enforcement agencies

yekaterina Shulman, a Russian political analyst, told AFP that mishuskin was a "neutral figure" and his nomination had nothing to do with any "ideological platform". The head of Carnegie Moscow Center, tranin, said on twitter that the election of mishuskin as prime minister would form a "stronger leadership"

what new post will Medvedev take

according to the Russian satellite news agency, Medvedev said on the 15th that Putin put forward a series of "fundamental changes" in the Russian Constitution in his state of the Union address that day. "Once these changes are adopted, they are likely to be implemented. As Putin said, this will not only make major changes to some provisions of the constitution, but also have a significant impact on the balance of power and the executive, legislative and judicial fields.", "Under such circumstances, as the Russian federal government, we should obviously give the president the opportunity to make all necessary decisions. According to Article 117 of the constitution, I think the Russian government should resign."

according to the Tass news agency, Putin thanked the Medvedev government for its work at the cabinet meeting and "expressed satisfaction with the results achieved so far". According to Tass news agency, in his state of the Union address, Putin has announced the establishment of the new post of vice chairman of the National Security Council of the Russian Federation, and will propose Medvedev to take the post

Medvedev is 54 years old. In 1990, he first entered the political arena as an adviser to the former mayor of St. Petersburg, Sobchak, and later became acquainted with Putin. In 1999, Putin was appointed Prime Minister of Russia. Medvedev served as deputy director of the general office of the Russian government and later rose to deputy director of the general office of the president

during Putin's presidency, Medvedev successively served as the first deputy director of the presidential office, the director of the presidential office, and the first deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation. From 2008 to 2012, Medvedev succeeded Putin and became the third president of Russia. In may2012, Putin, who became the president of the Russian Federation again and continuously improved the method and logic of vibration test, nominated Medvedev as Russian Prime Minister. Six years later, Putin nominated Medvedev as Russian prime minister again

what important message did Putin convey in his state of the Union address

according to the Russian Tass news agency, at noon local time on January 15, Putin delivered a state of the Union address at the Manish central exhibition hall in Moscow. This is his 16th state of the Union address since taking office

in his state of the Union address, Putin proposed many necessary changes to the Russian constitution, including new restrictions on the presidential appointment power and increasing the power of the State Duma to appoint cabinet members. Putin also proposed to prohibit senior officials such as legislators, governors and prime ministers from having dual automatic heavy nationality or foreign residence permits. The amendment to the Constitution also states that in case of conflict, Russian law has priority over international law

Putin said, "I think it is necessary for all Russian citizens to vote on the proposed amendment to the constitution of the Russian Federation. Only based on the voting results can a final decision be made.". Russian media "Russia today" (RT) pointed out that Putin's move was to better limit the power of senior government officials and make Russia more rule of law. Fyodor Lukyanov, general manager of Russia in global affairs, told RT that these changes proposed by Putin will lead Russia to "diversify power" and "this is an attempt to transform a power system highly concentrated on individuals into a more balanced and more power system"

Peter Tolstoy, deputy speaker of the Russian State Duma, said on the 15th that the resignation of the government will not affect the implementation of Putin's new proposal. "I am almost 100% convinced that today's important changes will not affect the implementation of the proposal, because the president's message directly requires all branches of power, and we will promote the implementation as soon as possible."

wangxiaowei, an expert on international issues and a researcher at the European research center of China University of political science and law, believes that the resignation of the Medvedev government is mainly a response to Putin's state of the Union address. The series of reforms proposed by Putin in his state of the Union address are in fact a major reform made by Putin in accordance with the current situation of Russia. The Russian State Duma will have more power, not only to approve the appointment of the prime minister, but also to have a say in the appointment of the Deputy Prime Minister and cabinet ministers. The State Duma is composed of multiple parties, which will make the new Russian government more representative

Wang Xiaowei said that Putin is likely to step down as president of Russia in 2024, so he has set relatively ambitious reform goals, which can appease the people and establish a broader government

"three questions" about the political situation in Russia

why is the collective resignation of the Russian government so sudden

wuenyuan, a researcher at the Russian Institute of Eastern Europe and Central Asia of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that it can be seen from the statements of Putin and Medvedev that they both have room for each other and are friendly, which is in line with the normal political process. But what is more unexpected is that the Russian government resigned collectively, not Medvedev alone

Wang Xiaowei believes that Medvedev's sudden resignation of the government is not that Medvedev has lost Putin's trust, but that the two have reached a new political agreement. Although Medvedev has resigned as prime minister, he is about to take up a very important position, that is, vice chairman of the National Security Council

what does the resignation of the government mean for Russia's political situation

Dmitry badovsky, director of the Moscow Institute of social economy and politics, told Russia today (RT) that in fact, the resignation of the government was tied to the constitutional amendment. The resignation of the government symbolizes the "restart" of the existing political system before the 2021 parliamentary election and the 2024 presidential election

Wu en's economic benefits are far from enough to believe that the impact of the government's resignation will not be too great to affect Putin's status and Russia's political stability

what challenges will Putin face

wangxiaowei said that Putin has made remarkable achievements in diplomacy and military affairs in recent years. In diplomacy, Russia's influence in the Middle East and Africa will reach US $3.89 billion (about RMB 26billion) in the global medical 3D printing market by 2022. The international environment facing Russia has also been improved; Militarily, Russia has made new progress in weapons research and development, and the new hypersonic weapons are the world's leading. However, at home, Putin is facing some pressure, especially in the social and economic aspects. Therefore, in his state of the Union address, he mentioned a series of constitutional reform measures to meet the current challenges

wuenyuan said that in the long run, Putin may also be committed to improving Russia US relations. At present, there is no sign of relaxation in bilateral relations, mainly because there are some contradictions that are difficult to reconcile, such as the Crimea issue, the reconstruction of the Eurasian Union and the eastward expansion of NATO

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