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Electrical industry: who moved the heart of "acquisition"?

when it comes to the electrical industry, we can not but mention Liushi, the capital of electrical appliances; When it comes to the acquisition war in the electrical industry, it is also necessary to mention that Chint, Delixi and people in Liushi are represented by G; The modulus of contraction deformation is called the three electrical giants of contraction modulus

from a small workshop and factory in those days to today, the electrical industry enterprises, as an important part of the national economy and people's livelihood, have also experienced ups and downs along the way. However, when they develop to today's scale, their responses and achievements to various difficulties and problems are worth thinking and learning from all developing and struggling enterprises

the past and present lives of the three giants

since 1994, nancuhui has adopted integration on the basis of existing development. What is the reason? Kejian summarized various capital operation modes such as investment, holding, acquisition, merger, and brand intangible assets, and made a horizontal alliance with Liushi 48 Enterprises if they could seize this opportunity, and finally formed Chint Group

similarly, in may1994, with the approval of relevant provincial departments, huchengzhong established Zhejiang Delixi Group Company

zhengyuanbao, the people's group, known as the Madman of mergers and acquisitions, has successively acquired 66 small enterprises in Wenzhou and established the people's group. In 1999, it entered Shanghai and integrated 34 state-owned and collective enterprises

this is the earliest acquisition activity in the electrical industry. The establishment of Chint, Delixi, people and other large groups can be said to have affected the upgrading and transformation of the entire electrical industry

nancunhui once said that for most entrepreneurs, personal money is enough and can support themselves for more than a decade, but for the development of enterprises, the funds are very scarce. Because the larger the enterprise is, the more difficult it will be to improve, and the greater the resources and costs it will spend

as for transformation, zhengyuanbao believes that transformation, acquisition and upgrading are the key to the development of China's manufacturing industry. Transformation is a question of whether to choose specialization or integration. Acquisition is a question of becoming bigger, while upgrading is an industrial road that must move towards technology and intelligence

but up to now, with the development of the national economy and the influx of foreign multinational companies, the Qianjiang Evening News once wrote the article "2010, Liushi three giants whip overseas", and the three entrepreneurs have their own answers to the question of enterprises going abroad and distributing overseas

nancunhui's answer is that we have been actively making talent reserves. We have entered a new round of expansion cycle of the company. We will definitely attack if we see the opportunity

huchengzhong's goal is to take advantage of Ningbo's port advantages to deliver Delixi Electric products to all parts of the world

zhengyuanbao said that Schneider and ABB can come to China. Why can't our products occupy the international market

In December, 2006, the multinational company Schneider and Delixi signed a joint venture agreement

huchengzhong said that the joint venture will introduce the advanced technology and modern management experience of Schneider Electric, so as to complement the advantages of Chinese private enterprises and world famous enterprises, innovate and develop, enhance Delixi brand and accelerate the pace of internationalization

zhaoguohua, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Schneider Electric, said that this cooperation will open up a new business model for Schneider. With its own unique large retail underwriting network, Delixi Electric will independently market in the low-voltage electrical product market with competitive advantages

according to the report of China mechanical and electrical industry, some insiders revealed that after the joint venture with Schneider, Delixi's profits in the field of low-voltage electrical appliances increased in multiples. What huchengzhong learned from Schneider is the information management mode such as SWOT situation management system

however, when visiting Sina Finance and economics, lvbenfu, vice president of the school of management of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, proposed that the reason behind the practice of foreign cooperation, acquisition and M & A is that China's biggest feature is that the labor cost of manufacturing industry is relatively low. The main purpose of foreign-funded enterprises is to graft their brands in combination with China's low-cost manufacturing capacity to obtain higher monopoly profits

according to China business news, luyansun, former executive vice minister of the Ministry of machinery of the people's Republic of China, while advocating that joint venture is an open market behavior, also said with concern that the strategy for foreign investment is clear, that is, to take the initiative

previously, Chen Gang, a senior manager of Schneider, refuted the rumor to him, saying that Schneider would not adopt the strategy of low price competition

zhaoguohua told Chinese entrepreneurs that since 1987, when we established a joint venture in China, we still maintain partnership with all joint venture partners. Schneider Electric is not a company that does everything by itself. We don't fully understand China, so our partners help us develop in China

nancunhui, who has been playing with Schneider for 13 years, believes that although the entry of foreign investors can bring about the impact of ideas and the collision of foreign cultures, as Chint has always adhered to the dream of independent brands, its ultimate goal is to jointly create a world brand

Jedi counterattack of the weak

in the face of acquisition, the acquired enterprise should be in the weak position, but what can the enterprise do if it doesn't want to lose its own brand and enterprise

Chinese enterprises should establish self-confidence. Just as nancunhui did in the face of Schneider, an international giant, in addition to strengthening the protection and construction of intellectual property rights, he also sought to transform and upgrade the industry

the case of Pan jiaowu, another Liushi Huchuan relay factory who also fought and won a lawsuit with Schneider, can also give us some enlightenment. In order not to let the enterprise go bankrupt, pan jiaowu held on to the indictment and finally found that Shi 1 and Cheng Neide did not apply for a appearance patent for changing the operating rules of the experimental machine. We also consulted a person specialized in patent reexamination and learned that the suspension of litigation can be obtained by applying for invalidation of the other party's patent. Finally, it took five years to find the evidence

when Gao Tianle was interviewed by Yi at the two sessions of the National People's Congress and the people's Congress, he said in the government work report that we must do our best according to our ability. First of all, we must do a good job internally and have the ability to gradually promote. The same applies to the daily operation of the acquired enterprise in peacetime

to paraphrase the words in the Chinese Journal of mechanical and electrical industry, is Schneider a wolf or a catfish in Liushi? Is the acquisition a wolf or a catfish for enterprises in the electrical industry? Everything depends on the enterprise itself

in the future, we look forward to the new development of the electrical industry

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