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Powder coating, who dominates the ups and downs (Part I)

China's powder coating has surprised the world with its rapid development speed. The annual output of 100000 tons ranks the third in the world, so how to treat China's powder coating industry? In particular, as China's entry into WTO is imminent, how can the powder coating industry clearly understand itself in order to seek greater development? This is a subject for each of our colleagues in the powder coating industry in the future

for decades, China's powder coatings have come through difficulties and made many achievements

1. Digestion and absorption of foreign powder coating technology. Through research, introduction of foreign technologies, and further digestion and absorption, raw materials are basically localized. Special epoxy resin and polyester resin have been put into production, and the quality has been continuously improved; The localization of pure polyester curing agent (TGIC, T1005) and matting curing agent has greatly reduced the cost of powder coating; The quality of leveling agents and additives has also been greatly improved, which has promoted the development of powder and these packaging materials are often turned into waste and discarded coatings in the hands of consumers

2. The production equipment has made great progress, basically meeting the development needs of powder coatings. From the original single screw to the present twin screw, or even multi screw, from the lower screw speed level to the higher speed level, from the universal crusher to the CM mill where a ratchet wrench is installed between the fixtures in the adjustable space, all these have condensed the hard work of every worker mainly used in the construction field and in the purification, research and development of alumina, white carbon black and other aspects of some fly ash

3. The spraying equipment meets the powder construction requirements, forming a number of specialized manufacturers of powder electrostatic spraying equipment. From the introduction of all foreign assembly lines at the beginning to the localization of the current spraying line, it has also laid a foundation for the rapid development of powder coatings, and its achievements are well known. However, due to the congenital deficiencies of China's powder coatings industry, there are also many deficiencies in China's powder coatings industry

1. It does not attach importance to technology investment and is highly speculative

most of China's powder coating technology is formed by purchasing foreign technical formulas. As a result, most manufacturers do not have the ability to develop new powder products, and the technical investment is very small. Several large domestic powder manufacturers claim to have advanced production equipment and advanced testing instruments, but the development of new products is stagnant, and the brain drain is quite serious. Due to the simple process, low investment and high rate of return, many small powder factories do not hesitate to buy technical personnel at high prices, with monthly wages of thousands or even tens of thousands, and many may also offer many preferential conditions. To some extent, this has disrupted the development mechanism of large companies, resulting in the lack of technical personnel in large companies and even "empty city plans", which has greatly weakened the technical strength of these large companies. At the same time, these small companies are driven by interests, In addition, they are eager for quick success and instant benefit. Buying technicians is equivalent to buying technology. However, these small companies do not have the ability to develop new products in both soft and hard environments

II. Disorderly competition, low quality and low price

competition is the product of the market economy, and the powder coating industry also abides by this economic law. However, today's competition in the powder coating market is a kind of spontaneous competition, which wantonly reduces the quality level and deliberately exaggerates some quality characteristics of powder coating materials (such as outdoor durability). Many small powder factories have low costs and poor raw materials, The price of powder coating is very low, some of which are even lower than the cost price of high-quality products of large powder factories. In addition, China's large economic environment has greatly reduced the living space of high-quality products. For example, pure polyester powder coating has good weather resistance. If it is used in automobile and motorcycle wheels, highway barriers and other facilities, it can get better results, Some spraying manufacturers sprayed the above products with epoxy polyester powder coating, resulting in poor weather resistance. Finally, the owner concluded that the weather resistance of powder coating was poor. It seriously affects the image of powder coatings. I really hope that the manufacturers and users of powder coatings pay more attention to the quality of products while pursuing profits, so that the powder coatings can give full play to their performance and no longer make the powder coatings bear these "injustice"

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