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Unconsciously, half of 2017 has passed, so what do you remember about the "big events" that happened in Rheinland egger in the first half of this year? Rheinland egger creates brilliance and glory with you

unconsciously, half of 2017 has passed, so what do you remember about the "big events" that occurred in Rheinland egger in the first half of this year? Today, we follow the river of time to review the glory and glory created by Rheinland egger and you in the past six months


on February 20, the 2017 national distributor Marketing Strategy Summit of Rheinland egger was grandly held in Chengdu. With the theme of "gathering potential, looking forward to the future and winning the future", Rheinland egger warlords elites from all over the country were gathered to discuss big plans and seek great undertakings

the meeting announced the new marketing strategy of Rheinland egger in 2017, and invited Mr. Hou Dingwen, the founder of Jianzhong Zhiye, a top consulting company in the industry, to share our experience. At the same time, it also announced that the T6 project jointly built by Rheinland egger and Jianzhong Zhiye was officially launched

at the meeting, excellent dealers in 2016 were praised and rewarded, and these celebrities shared their successful experience with us. At the same time, the first outstanding dealer Council of Rheinland egger was ceremoniously established in order to better shorten the distance between enterprises and dealers, realize the interactive communication between dealers, and provide a high-quality platform for Rheinland egger people


in 2017, Rheinland egger once again joined hands with CCTV to shine on the stage. The brand image advertisement of Rheinland egger continues to be broadcast continuously on CCTV's five major channels: CCTV1, CCTV4, CCTV7, cctv10 and cctv15

Rheinland egger's landing on CCTV marks the further expansion of Rheinland egger to a national customized brand, It also represents the "true character" of Rheinland egger "Our business philosophy and the dual core driven model of product quality and brand service have been recognized by the majority of consumers.

gather momentum, break the game, win-win - the first phase of the special training camp of Rheinland egger T6 project was officially launched on March 20. It lasted three days and four nights, and the full closed training gave all the dealer families the T6 project content of Rheinland egger and Jianzhong Zhiye for several months.

the content of the special training camp includes products A series of courses, such as brand culture, product knowledge, enterprise organizational structure sorting, performance appraisal, talent introduction and mechanism establishment, as well as store performance doubling system, store team building system, daily management system, etc., help dealers quickly and effectively establish a disciplined, professional elite service team, and more comprehensively improve talent competitiveness

this also marks the official sounding of the horn of Rheinland egger's national linkage. The new marketing strategy was first implemented in key regional markets. Led by Rheinland egger's market elite team, the implementation of terminal activities, in-depth market research, on-site implementation assistance, the construction of a new promotion model, monitoring and implementation, and effectively create greater value for the majority of dealers and customers

take advantage of the east wind, take advantage of the general trend, set a benchmark and achieve good results! Rheinland egger 2017 spring Strategic Investment Summit was held at the same time. The atmosphere and spirit of the training site deeply infected the intended franchisees from all over the country. The summit achieved a record high with a signing rate of 89%! On the same day of the Rheinland egger summit, another 17 cities were launched at one stroke, and the banner of victory was spread across Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi, Hubei and other provinces


on April 15, the first summary and sharing conference of Rheinland egger T6 project kicked off in Chengdu. The implementation of T6 project has proved Rheinland egger's absolute strength with impressive achievements in just 14 days

the nine cities participating in the city linkage - Panzhihua, Guang'an, Nanchong, Dazhu, Huxian, Chongqing, Xining, Pingchang, Kaixian, signed 281 orders within 14 days, with an overall performance target completion rate of 287%, an increase of nearly three times the year-on-year task target


on May 8, the second phase of Rheinland egger T6 project's centralized landing operation came to an end temporarily. Xi'an, Kunming, Qingdao, Dianjiang, Jiangyou, Lichuan, Quxian and Changshou, eight cities, kept abreast of each other, received 1.13 million yuan in 14 days, with a unit value of 6.07 million, and the completion rate was as high as 377%. Once again, it completed a magnificent self transformation, proving its absolute strength with impressive achievements

in the future, the large-scale trend of customized products is irreversible. Learning more from other advanced enterprises, practice, precipitation, and progress is the only way for Rheinland egger to develop. On May 20, Rheinland egger officially became a member of Guangdong customized home furnishing Association, marking the further progress of Rheinland egger towards the whole country. Rheinland egger will also do a good job in the production system, service system, marketing system The construction of communication system and other projects will contribute greater value to society and consumers

on May 21, the second phase of Rheinland egger T6 special training camp was officially opened. The students devoted themselves to learning new product knowledge, sales skills, team management and other aspects of knowledge, while giving full play to the essence of T6. The cohesion of the team and the ability of mutual cooperation have been imperceptibly improved. The spirit of each student is high, and the strong innovation and practical ability are eye opening. An elite team like a sharp blade will also shine all over the country

Under the dome, environmental protection has become a topic of increasing concern to us. On May 23, "Zhiyuan peers create a leading future" Rheinland egger Investment Summit and 2017 Midwest customized furniture environmental protection new deal and Enterprise Development Summit Forum were grandly held in Chengdu

the summit forum invited strategic partners such as Sichuan building materials and furniture decoration chamber of Commerce, Chengdu furniture industry chamber of Commerce, Beijing Wanhua board industry, China wardrobe network, Huiya media, Jiuzheng building materials network, Tianlang brand planning agency, Cheng Yaojin investment promotion, Baidu, 360, Sina home, Tencent ・ Asia Pacific home to jointly escort the construction of green environmental protection and health

at the summit, Rheinland egger's unique charm attracted the attention of a large number of followers. On the day of the summit, a total of 16 prospective franchisees from all over the country chose to join Rheinland egger's family to contribute to the environmental protection work of customized furniture


on June 16, Rheinland egger's third T6 project national linkage summary conference was held in the marketing center to summarize and analyze the implementation of the third T6 project from the market, industry, enterprises, individuals and other aspects, share the experience accumulated in the promotion of the project, and solve the problems encountered

the project was launched in seven major cities, with excellent overall implementation results and good results. Within 14 days, the cumulative order amount reached 4.68 million yuan, bringing a complete set of comprehensive marketing profit system to dealers and comprehensively improving their core competitiveness

in general, Rheinland egger made a qualitative leap in all aspects of productivity, sales, team quality, franchisee quality and so on in 2017. Thank you for your company. In the next time, we are bound to work harder, make better products, provide more comprehensive services, and write Rheinland egger's brilliant legend

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