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Walking in the air and dream

walking in the air and dream

-- Wen/limousine floor Jiangnan carpenter

there was a man who was crazy and suffocating, and his action in the air was as peaceful and light as a bird perched on a high branch, standing on the ground below 1000 meters and looking up, like a dream ballet in the air. This man's name is Dean porter. He completed the longest high-altitude walk without any security in human history. This feat was staged in Yosemite National Park in the United States. Dean Porter set up a 67 meter long soft rope between the two peaks at an altitude of 970 meters. The soft rope was 25mm wide and 3mm thick. Listening to the roar of the mountain wind, with the rise and fall of the soft rope, Dean walked barefoot from one end of the rope to the other without any safety measures. The distance of 67 meters was longer than a century. The whole valley was like an invisible sponge, and the whole world stopped breathing at that moment

it should be reminded that Dean completed this challenge in the most difficult period of his life. His wife, who has the same hobby as Dean and has been with him for 13 years, chose a new life. The frustration of being abandoned made Dean fall into the bottom of his life. In order to get out of the shadow of divorce as soon as possible, Dean wanted to challenge another highland, but due to the collapse of a reinforcing cable and the misfortune brought by divorce, Dean retreated. He felt that if he walked reluctantly, he would be doomed to the bottom of the valley. I'm not crazy enough to gamble my life, Dean said. Three months later, he completed the above feat between another peak in Yousheng Meidi

in fact, everyone saw Dean's preparation and anxiety. Before each adventure, Dean must first live in the destination for more than a week, and be familiar with the terrain and climate there, woods, birdsong, mountain wind, tents, and several simple living appliances, which constitute the whole content of dean's life. When he didn't climb with his bare hands, Dean meditated quietly. At that time, Dean smiled like a baby and was as pure as a philosopher. As if he is nature, nature is him. When everything was ready, the weather, wind, the tightness of the soft rope, the reinforcement of the cable, and the physical condition, Dean began to take risks. He first walked on the open ground, relaxed his muscles as much as possible, and then put on the safety harness and walked repeatedly on the soft rope. We often saw Dean suddenly fall from the soft rope. At that time, we would stand up in surprise, and every time Dean could quickly turn over and sit on the soft rope and move horizontally to the starting point by relying on the safety harness. After twoorthree repetitions, Dean decided not to use the safety harness. He first relaxed his hands and feet, he said, For him, nothing has changed. Soft rope, wind power and his own technology. If he is at the foot of the mountain, he can walk 67 meters easily, but now he is at an altitude of 970 meters. Without safety rope, he is in a different mood. Therefore, the biggest obstacle to success is your mood. If you adjust your mood to the best, you will succeed. In fact, Dean once witnessed his friend fall off the soft rope, and his blood and flesh became blurred in just a few seconds. Dean never hoped that it was his future, but this fear lingered

Dean took a deep breath and stepped onto the soft rope. The first few steps shook violently. Dean was not in a hurry. His hands were as light as dancing, and his eyes were calm. We clearly heard the roar of the wind, and Dean's breathing was also rapid. It took a long time, and each step was extremely difficult. From Dean's rapid breathing, we felt the huge impact of overturning, as if there was a danger of overturning at any time. Gradually, we found that Dean seemed to be stuck to the soft rope. The soft rope roughly wanted to get rid of Dean, and Dean always kept his balance. The struggle continued and the victory was getting closer and closer. It worked. Dean smiled. I succeeded. After living in the dark, he opened another window for me. I'm very happy. Dean has never been a talkative person, and he is even afraid to associate with others. He said that his most loyal friend is rock, who silently accompanies him and never leaves

Dean is lonely, and he enjoys this loneliness. He always competes with his dream, from 6 meters, 10 meters, 20 meters to 67 meters. At the height that people can only look up, he walks like a dream. In Dean's countless meditations, the meaning of life filled his brain countless times. For Dean, walking high on the soft rope is the meaning of his life. Today, Dean lives in seclusion in a secluded corner of the United States and receives pilgrimages from high-altitude rope lovers all over the world. At the age of 43, he will no longer take risks. The purpose of his second half of life is to carry forward this sport. Once upon a time, because he was obsessed with this sport, Dean, who had no job, often lived a life without food. In Dean's body, we can find too much philosophical thinking, which can be used as a brilliant quotation of life. And one of them, I can't help mentioning: the biggest enemy in the journey of dreams is precisely ourselves. In fact, many people have long forgotten this

walk in the air and dream, make enemies with yourself, invincible in the world





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