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It is urgent to improve the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces

in recent years, the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine and decoction pieces has been improved, and individual places have begun to adopt single dose subcontracting of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces. However, on the whole, the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine and its decoction pieces is still relatively primitive, which affects the quality of traditional Chinese medicine and the safety and effectiveness of medication, and restricts the process of modernization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine. The author believes that the implementation of single dose sub packaging of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces has the following six advantages. 1、 It is conducive to promoting the modernization of the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine, and is conducive to the export of traditional Chinese medicine. For a long time, most Chinese medicinal materials and decoction pieces have been packed with inferior materials such as gunny bags, mielou, Pucao bags, etc. In recent years, cartons and plastic bags have appeared, with each package being hundreds of kilograms in size and dozens of kilograms in size. The reasons are as follows: first, because most Chinese medicinal materials and decoction pieces are natural substances, with large dosage, large volume and different specifications and grades, it is difficult to implement quantitative packaging; Second, due to some historical reasons, there has been a long-standing idea of emphasizing medicine over medicine, and insufficient attention has been paid to the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine, so that there has been no major change for hundreds of years; Third, due to the influence of traditional habits, some people regard some primitive and backward things as characteristics and inherit them. In the 21st century, new theories, new technologies and new materials are emerging, and all walks of life are actively quoting them. As a traditional Chinese medicine industry, there is no reason to remain complacent. Moreover, people's understanding and consumption concept have been constantly changing, and many people have long had objections to the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine and decoction pieces, said Huang Yixin, chairman of Nangang group. 2、 It is conducive to promoting the development of traditional Chinese medicine processing industry. Most of the processing and cutting plants of traditional Chinese medicine are small-scale, with poor infrastructure conditions, simple and outdated equipment. Many traditional Chinese medicine processing plants still stay in the production mode of manual workshops, with low mechanization and automation, and the overall level of personnel quality is not high. If single dose subcontracting is implemented, professional and technical personnel can be appropriately absorbed and increased to study and change the morphology of some decoction pieces on the existing basis and appropriately improve the processing technology; According to the properties of different kinds of drugs, the requirements of different forms, specifications and types of packaging materials are put forward; Research and improve the storage and transportation conditions, and adopt new processing methods and packaging equipment, so that the current single form of cutting or frying by Decoction Pieces processing manufacturers can be changed. 3、 It is conducive to accelerating the reform of the allocation of traditional Chinese medicine. Since the Song Dynasty, the blending of traditional Chinese medicine has been based on weighing and blending one by one. Under certain historical conditions, this blending method should be said to be feasible and has historical achievements. However, with the progress of society, its disadvantages have gradually emerged, such as staff standing work, frequent walking back and forth, heavy labor load; The storage of drugs in bulk causes serious air pollution in the process of group operation, and the phenomenon of "dirty, messy and poor" in the room is common. The image of pharmaceutical personnel and the academic atmosphere of pharmaceutical work are damaged, which damages the physical and mental health of pharmaceutical personnel for a long time. At the same time, the dosage is not accurate, it is difficult to check and correct the drugs after mixing, and it is difficult to detect and correct the mistakes and omissions of drugs. In addition, the dispensing operation and the waiting time of patients are long, and it takes too much manpower. Generally, more than 70-80% of the staff in the pharmacy department of traditional Chinese medicine hospitals or traditional Chinese medicine stores are engaged in the dispensing operation. The pharmaceutical staff have complained about this situation for a long time, which affects the stability of the pharmaceutical team, and a considerable number of college graduates are unwilling to engage in the dispensing work, Older people are also incompetent because of physical exhaustion. If it is not changed quickly, it will restrict the development of traditional Chinese medicine dispensing. After single dose subcontracting, except for a few special drugs, there is no need to use a weigher to prepare them. In the operation, the links such as weighing, dosage and bandaging can be omitted, so as to speed up the speed, improve the efficiency, shorten the waiting time of patients, and reduce or avoid mistakes and omissions; The cleanliness and bustle of the studio have also been greatly improved. 4、 It is conducive to the storage, storage and transportation of traditional Chinese medicine, and can improve and ensure the quality of traditional Chinese medicine. The main products of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces are aluminum alloy medium and thick plate, cold rolled plate and strip, aluminum matrix composite plate and strip foil, and high-performance alloy foil. After the dose sealed packaging, the medium packaging and outer packaging can also be added according to the dosage, so as to reduce the influence of natural factors such as air and sunlight on the decoction pieces and reduce the quality changes during the storage period. At the same time, due to the standardized packaging, it is also conducive to transportation and quality supervision and management. Usually, driven by interests, some businesses deliberately adulterate drugs and form 23 capture groups to make them difficult to find after mixing into large bags. However, after a single dose subcontracting, the pharmaceutical staff and patients are easy to identify, which makes it more difficult to fake. At the same time, it can also force businesses to try to improve the quality of inter regional ecological compensation and ecological payment system, so as to ensure that patients take "reassuring drugs". 5、 It can not only meet the needs of syndrome differentiation and treatment, but also overcome some randomness in medication and ensure the safety and effectiveness of medication. Single dose subcontracting is only a change in the way of packaging and dispensing, and does not affect the special medication requirements of some clinicians. The author believes that single dose packaging can be subcontracted according to the provisions of the code and textbooks, as well as the general law of clinical dosage, according to 3G, 5g, 6G, 10g, 15g and other specifications. Toxic traditional Chinese medicine and precious drugs with a single dose of less than 3G, as well as grass or leaves with a single dose of more than 30g and other drugs with special forms, can still be prepared by weighing instruments, which will not restrict and affect the clinical use of traditional Chinese medicine. 6、 It is conducive to promoting the sales of traditional Chinese medicine. In recent years, due to the development of Chinese patent medicine and Western medicine pharmaceutical industry, as well as the active sales and business market, as well as the decline in the quality of traditional Chinese medicine and the inconvenience of packaging and taking, the sales volume of traditional Chinese medicine prepared slices has been declining year by year in both hospital pharmacies and pharmacies in the society. The sales volume of prepared slices in some hospitals in the total drug sales has decreased from 50-60% in the past to about 25-30%, It is difficult to achieve the prescribed utilization rate and treatment rate of traditional Chinese medicine. If this momentum continues, not only will the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine hospitals be difficult to maintain, but also the planting, processing and processing industries of traditional Chinese medicine may gradually shrink. Through single dose subcontracting of decoction pieces, it can promote the improvement of the packaging quality of decoction pieces of traditional Chinese medicine, increase the "transparency" of medication, enable doctors to use "reassuring drugs" and allow patients to take "reassuring drugs", meet people's medication needs in the new situation, and help to expand the international market, so as to carry forward traditional Chinese medicine. (Chinese Medicine)

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