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Xinyi Glass is very important to promote the integration of domestic sales resources through export

exclusive interview with xiaowenfan, vice president of Xinyi Glass Holdings Co., Ltd.

: after the establishment of Xinyi automotive glass (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. in 1988, Xinyi started its development in the oes market, and then slowly expanded to overseas markets. At that time, the export business of auto parts of domestic enterprises was relatively small. At that time, most of the parts enterprises belonged to the whole vehicle factory. In addition, the export was also approved by the state and strictly controlled (at that time, all exports were managed by the Provincial Machinery Import and export company). How did you position this business at that time? What is the initial planning situation

xiaowenfan: we started the process of overseas markets in the early 1990s -- now when we look back, we often sigh that this is the result of the long-term decision at that time. At that time, we mainly focused on the domestic oes market. After six or seven years, our senior management decided to go out. Lutheran can go out at a very early time -- at the beginning of reform and opening up -- but it also has to be easy for national policies. At that time, the state undertook international industrial transfer, absorbed foreign capital and introduced technology, and many foreign-funded enterprises owned equity in joint ventures. This is a good market environment for Hong Kong based enterprises like us

one of our ideas at that time was that the export market could promote the domestic market. In fact, there were many automobile factories in China at that time, but there were not many new models and the total number of models. Many imported car glasses or other accessories were controlled by foreign importers. They would say, "because there is no supporting supplier in China, there is no corresponding oes supply", but Xinyi can be at the forefront of global demand abroad and strive to develop synchronously with the OEMs. We have achieved the rapid accumulation of product varieties through foreign businesses. At that time, our front windshield varieties were about more than 5000, which was a large number in the environment at that time. There were only 20 models in all warehouses of some large domestic supporting enterprises. This is the difference between supporting and after-sales market. But it is the variety and quick response that make it easy to balance risks

we first chose to go to the U.S. market. At that time, the origin of export sales was a little similar to that of other Chinese enterprises, that is, we became famous in domestic sales, often participated in some exhibitions, and then foreign enterprises came to visit, so it was natural to have one or two buyers. But that's just a little contact. Then everyone has the confidence to go abroad. At that time, unlike now, the network technology was very developed, and the information channels were very, very limited at that time. After going abroad, we can only turn the Yellow Pages page by page after contacting the only resources, and make self promotion, or door-to-door promotion, buyers or dealers visit one by one. They also want to control their own channels, do not want you to do too much can be sold to anyone; They also do not want to be subject to one or two suppliers. Starting from such regional dealers, we need to expand our market. In the first year, it can be negotiated that twoorthree computers, display screens and printers can be placed on the console, so as to achieve a sustained purchase intention at home, and the number is not very large. After these two families, we began to develop slowly

at that time, in fact, there were not many Chinese enterprises going out, so the price in the foreign market was very good, and the payment reputation of foreign customers was generally good; Another point that is more important to us is that we can collect the latest products in the world abroad. At that time, there were few models in the Chinese market, there were not many automobile varieties, and the demand was uneven. Therefore, as a professional manufacturer of automotive glass, Xinyi had a wide range of products in China (almost all products were made), the service response was the fastest, and it encountered the bottleneck of further improvement, When we arrived in the U.S. market, we saw a lot of models -- there were more than 20000 models in the world, and there were no more than 50 models in China at that time. This world's largest automobile market also taught us. The market demand for glass products has not only improved our vision and motivation, but also tapped our potential. Without the step of export at that time, it could not have developed at such a fast speed now. Now the proportion of export sales in our automotive glass business has exceeded half

: what is the most important thing when making decisions in the export market? Analyze the market or build channels

xiaowenfan: in fact, the strategic thinking of enterprises should be based on the analysis of the market. At that time (in the early 1990s), there was a wide gap between the number of cars owned at home and abroad

the automobile ownership in the United States accounts for more than 1/4 of the global automobile ownership. In 1997, the population was 280million, and the automobile ownership reached 160million, including filled and reinforced materials. In 1997, the total automobile ownership in China was 34.68 million, including 14.46 million. Look, how big the sky is outside! So at that time, our Mr. Dong Qingshi (now the president of Xinyi Glass Holdings Co., Ltd.) firmly believed that we must go out

after initially entering the overseas market and starting to gain a foothold, we will choose dealers after watching the market expand, then set up our own offices, and then further develop. We will purchase office facilities there, open branches and recruit local employees

choosing a dealer is actually very important. Why is it important? The dealer you choose must be as ambitious as your ambition: you may have begun to look forward to selling ten containers and be very happy, which is also the level of the dealer at that time, but later, your goal will become larger, and the dealer you choose may not have the ability or courage to expand with you. Therefore, the selection and cultivation of dealers are one of the most important factors for the success of Xinyi overseas. Up to now, we have such a large sales volume overseas that the dealers can match it; We hope that in addition to keeping pace with us, dealers also have the ability to explore their own interests, that is, suppliers don't just rely on oneortwo suppliers. If we want to go through the overseas sales experience in the past 15 years, in fact, the list of dealers has been changing. We choose dealers not purely from the perspective of reliability, but with a market-oriented thinking mode to do things. The starting point must be right. Operate according to the operation rules of the city, without emotional elements, so that both sides can do better

another prerequisite also includes that Chinese enterprises should be localized, integrate into the local culture, and hire local talents, just like overseas enterprises coming to China. We also draw lessons from the success or failure of some Chinese enterprises, which urges Xinyi to broaden its horizons when going out, and exercise its ability to be tolerant. The most basic thing is to be able to accommodate various cultural differences. You see, our branches in North America, Europe, Japan and other places all invite local people to serve as our general manager. This may not be suitable at first, but soon you will strongly feel that this is a globalized economic pattern. Foreign management culture may be different from China. In China, the boss may be the biggest, and the boss the final say; In foreign countries, we will listen to whoever is right. We quickly accepted this. We must listen to the market and customers. Our strong adaptability in this regard may also be related to the fact that domestic coastal city enterprises have been more receptive to this enterprise operation (especially sales) mode from the beginning

: what is the network structure of Xinyi's overseas dealers now? What proportion of terminal channels are laid by yourself

xiaowenfan: now there is a concept called Dealer integration and market integration. Chinese products are generally sold wholesale. In fact, the profit maximization is in terminal retail. Therefore, the real link of terminal retail is that local powerful enterprises are basically monopolized -- because their market-oriented and commercialized development mechanism is very fast. We will treat this differently. If we have advantages in some places, we will set foot in this terminal retail. For example, Hong Kong market, in a sense, is also an overseas market. We have invested a lot in terminal retail, and we also provide installation and maintenance services; However, in countries such as Germany, the United States and Canada, the mode may be wholesale operation, and terminal retail may also exist, but the proportion is small. However, our goal is to make achievements in terminal retail, which is not only beneficial to profit maximization, but also of great significance to the stability of the whole market

in addition, we have also entered the global wholesaler procurement system, including hypermarkets such as Wal Mart. We also have some local wholesalers and retailers. Our dealer network is hierarchical. At the same time, we also focus on globalization. We will try to get close to end customers, such as our own wholesale, retail and installation, which is our ultimate goal

: if you cooperate with dealers at all levels, there will be no conflict between partners, such as collusion

xiaowenfan: the legal concept abroad may be stronger. If we specify the sales scope of a dealer, it will not break through; If it wants to break through, it will also notify you in advance. Collusion rarely occurs abroad

in addition, we are constantly making choices and integrating. If we think it is more beneficial to the market, we may integrate (dealer network) or differentiate., In the past, we used to rely on local sales agents. Now we have our own branches overseas. We can visit them every week to see how the sales are. We can visit users' feedback on our glass, and we have the ability of "remote control"

: OEM production is also an important channel for many Chinese spare parts suppliers to export their products. What do you think of this method

xiaowenfan: this phenomenon is particularly common in the Pearl River Delta. Many regions in China have the advantage of OEM and the ability to quickly produce products and expand production capacity, but what these enterprises lack is the core technological competitiveness and brand. Once lacking, it will lose the competitive advantage of sustainable development. This is also a point that investors and decision-makers of Xinyi have made clear from the beginning

whether we do OEM or OEM, we will not give up in terms of brand and technical competitiveness; We don't refuse such business, but we should firmly hold our brand and competitive advantage in our hands. Xinyi can stand in an invincible position in this financial crisis. Customers and we have the right of two-way choice. This is a kind of weight, not only the price, but also our own brand and intellectual property rights. At the beginning, people didn't choose your products because you are a brand of faith; To cooperate with the establishment of the brand, you must have some core advantages. Our grasp of market information and technological realization are much higher than those of our peers, which is one of our uniqueness; In addition, we not only produce glass, but also many accessories, which are relatively few in our peers. We invested in these related industries ten years ago. Xinyi Glass and glass accessories can be produced as assemblies, which may not be found in China

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