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The Millennium night passed safely, 2.29 is worth noting

the year 2000 came in the welcome atmosphere of the global celebration. Since the moment when the midnight clock changed, people have been vigilant that the "Millennium Bug" has not caused any damage in the world. Looking into the distance, the lights are still bright, the banks are still open, the tap water is still trickling, and the planes take off and land as yesterday. In a word, life is still so beautiful. However, at the moment when we were greatly relieved, it experts warned us not to be careless. We should plan ahead and be alert to the other two important dates of this year: February 29 and October 10. They pointed out that 2000 is a leap year, so on February 29, the clock conversion of the computer system may also have problems and lead to system paralysis; And if this day is as safe as January 1st, 2000, October 10th, as the first 8-digit date in the 21st century, may also cause trouble for the computer system. February 29th, 2000 is a day once in 400 years. The 365 day calendar year is more and more strict with the emission characteristics of the plastic trim in the car. There is a certain difference in the revolution cycle of the ball, so one day must be added to February every four years. But 1800 and 1900 are not leap years. According to the rules, all years that can be divided by 4 are leap years, excluding those that can be divided by 100. But if such years can also be divided by 400 at the same time, it is also leap years. Due to the complex calculation method, some computer clock software does not have the date of February 29th, 2000, which may cause system failure and damage when this day comes. Some experts don't think so. The Gartner Group of the United States, which was famous for its bold assertion that the world spent a total of $300 to $600billion to solve the "Millennium Bug" problem, once again asserted that there was no need to worry about oneortwo dates. Experts from the group pointed out that both 1992 and 1996 were leap years, but although some computer systems failed at that time, there was no damage worth mentioning at all. In view of historical experience, computer defects like this have been corrected continuously There is no need for the lack of fuel in the fuel tank

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