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It is urgent to protect rice paper

in the face of the crisis encountered in the development of rice paper industry, relevant experts have called for the revitalization of Anhui's national treasure rice paper has become a top priority. While doing a good job in the protection of geographical indication products, we should crack down on counterfeiting and other violations according to law, and ensure that the 1-series transmission commemorative head structure is connected with the [photoelectric encoder] installed on the top of the measurement installation to share the brand competitive advantage

rice paper, as a treasure among the four treasures of the study in China, has a history of more than 500 years. Then the genetic law calculation formula of artificial intelligence skill 1 is added to the constituent elements of materials to find the best materials. In addition to its unique formula, the production of rice paper has three important characteristics: the selection of materials and processes are very particular, and the geographical location of rice paper is unique. If the rice paper factory leaves this mountain and water, it will not be red star rice paper. It is precisely because of these characteristics that scholars of all dynasties have respected. The famous painting "five cattle painting" in the Palace Museum was made by Han Huang of the Tang Dynasty on rice paper. More than 1000 years later, the painting is still bright and intact

since the reform and opening up, the rice paper industry has made great progress, and has formed more than a dozen famous brand products and enterprises, such as Hongxing, Hongqi, Wang Liuji, etc., whose products are sold in Southeast Asia and European and American markets. In 1915, Jing County rice paper won the gold medal at the Panama International Expo; In 1979, 1984 and 1989, Jingxian Hongxing rice paper won the National Quality Gold Award, and in 1999, it won the Chinese well-known trademark; In August, 2002, Jing County rice paper was approved as a geographical indication protection product by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China. At present, 14 enterprises have been approved as geographical indication product protection enterprises. By the end of 2005, there were 125 production enterprises in Jing County's Xuan paper industry, including calligraphy and painting paper and rice paper processing paper, and 7 Enterprises above Designated Size, with an annual output of 1500 tons of Xuan paper and 3500 tons of calligraphy and painting paper. The annual sales revenue was 160million yuan, the total profit and tax amounted to 56million yuan, and the annual export earnings amounted to 8million US dollars, becoming an important pillar industry of the local economy

however, Jing County rice paper is being squeezed by fakes and inferior products, and the traditional rice paper manufacturing industry is facing great pressure

some people who are obsessed with profit, under the brand of Jingxian rice paper, go around the country, even to Japan, a large country of rice paper sales, to lobby and sell door-to-door. Once they get the order, they buy back the pulp and salvage it into rice paper, which is profitable

it is understood that in Jing County, in order to confuse customers, some manufacturers rely on authentic Red Star rice paper for their names. There are 65 manufacturers with star brand alone, and more than 20 manufacturers with trademarks similar to Red Star rice paper. At present, in the market, there are not only rice paper from Anhui, but also enterprises in Sichuan, Zhejiang and other places with the brand of rice paper. Compared with the fake, the market price is quite different except for the slight difference in appearance and feel. Due to the low cost, the price of the fake is often much lower than that of the genuine, which seriously disrupts the market price system of rice paper

what is more worrying is that foreign activities to steal and explore China's rice paper production technology have continued since the middle of the 19th century

in the face of various problems encountered in the development of the paper industry with a total assets of 46.04 billion yuan in 2017, Jing County adopted the establishment of the county wide leading organization for the management of the paper industry, China Xuan paper group company, which is fully responsible for the planning and guidance of the paper industry, and strengthened the protection of intellectual property rights and famous brand products, but the situation is still not optimistic

on how to achieve sustainable development of Xuan paper, Professor liuzhiying of Hefei University of technology believes that the Xuan paper industry has become the main body of the county economy. The government should have clear development ideas and formulate practical measures to crack down on trademark infringement such as counterfeiting in accordance with the law and maintain the brand competitive advantage while doing a good job in the protection of geographical indication products

Cao Tiansheng, an expert who has long studied the development history of rice paper, proposed that tourism projects, cultural handicrafts, and treasures with rice paper as the theme can be developed by deeply exploring the cultural connotation of rice paper and combining the advantages of local characteristics. As the production of rice paper basically follows the traditional manual production, it is an urgent task for enterprises to speed up the development of rice paper and intensify the research on new technology of rice paper. The leading technology is the best confidentiality. At the same time, we can cooperate with other enterprises to create the four treasures of the study, so that China's cultural heritage can be carried forward

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