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Standardized management of chemical waste is a top priority.

chemical waste is casually stacked on the side of the Yangtze River without treatment, which poses a serious threat to the water quality of the Yangtze River. This is an incident of littering chemical wastes in Jiangning District of Nanjing in late January. It once again reminds people that it is urgent to strengthen the standardized management of chemical wastes

according to the investigation of the local police for promoting the new material industry and the specific temperature and pressure requirements for the development of military civilian integration, these wastes are chemical residues produced by some enterprises in the Development Zone in the production process, which are sold to a waste recycling company for secondary utilization. The total number of wastes is more than 500 barrels, all of which are toxic and harmful substances. The recycling company is a "Black Enterprise" without qualification. At present, the relevant persons are under criminal detention on suspicion of major environmental pollution accidents, and dangerous goods have been transferred by the environmental protection department to professional waste treatment companies for harmless incineration

chemical waste has great reuse value after recycling, so it attracts many people to engage in recycling industry. However, at present, China's chemical waste recycling industry is a mixed bag of fish and dragons. At present, there are not a few so-called recycling companies such as Nanjing. How to strictly enforce the market access of such enterprises and prevent chemical waste from flowing into the society without treatment has become a major proposition of current environmental protection work. The author believes that the relevant departments should pay close attention to the management of these "black enterprises" that do not have technical conditions, so as not to harm the society. As an enterprise that produces chemical waste, it should cultivate its own high sense of society without slipping, instead of being mercenary and harming others and yourself. Just like a chemical reagent production enterprise, it sold toxic chemicals without necessary review, and as a result, the enterprise was finally punished for the relevant responsibilities

in actual production, there are environmental risks in all links from the production to the treatment of chemical waste. We must comprehensively adopt various means such as technology, economy and policy to promote the wide participation of the government, enterprises and the public, so as to standardize the operation and better take care of the problems of insufficient ability of women, the elderly and young people, so as to effectively prevent and reduce hazards and ensure human health and environmental safety

in view of the current problems of imperfect management system, insufficient supervision capacity, low level of utilization and treatment technology, in order to realize the effective management of chemical waste, fundamentally speaking, enterprises that produce waste should be encouraged to carry out cleaner production and promote waste prevention and source reduction; For the waste that has been generated, we need to guide enterprises to improve the level of utilization and treatment technology through policy guidance, standards and norms, social participation, government supervision mode, etc; We should also establish a diversified and multi-channel investment and operation system to promote the construction of waste centralized treatment facilities; Strengthen the construction of management team and management capacity, strengthen law enforcement and supervision, and provide guarantee for the construction of treatment facilities and environmental safety

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