Tianjin Binhai new area opens three special lanes

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Tianjin Binhai New Area has opened three special lanes for the transportation of dangerous chemicals

recently, the government of Tianjin Binhai New Area has learned from the low modulus government that three special lanes for dangerous chemicals planned in the area have been put into use, located in Tanggu Binhai Avenue, Hangu Qixia Street and Dagang light textile Avenue, with a total mileage of 42.7 kilometers

these three special lanes for the transportation of dangerous chemicals are marked with traffic markings of 141800 linear meters, 73 groups of words on the ground, 127 warning signs are installed, and the number of metal powder used for 3D printing of durable and high-quality aviation parts is 10 points. The limited identification points out that "vehicles of dangerous chemicals should take the special lane"

according to the relevant person in charge of Binhai New Area, the special lane for dangerous chemicals distinguishes dangerous chemical transport vehicles from other social vehicles, which not only improves the traffic efficiency, but also avoids the potential safety hazards caused by vehicle crossing

next, the Safety Supervision Bureau, the Public Security Traffic Management Bureau and other departments will also go deep into dangerous chemical transportation enterprises to carry out centralized safety transportation publicity, guide and urge drivers to correctly use the dedicated lane, and punish those who do not follow the lane under the premise of education and warning

previously, the Binhai New Area District level, functional area and street town level, enterprise level three-level monitoring platform for hazardous chemical enterprises has been completed, 230 hazardous chemical enterprises and 19 industrial and trade enterprises involved in major hazard sources within the jurisdiction have all been included in the "security", realizing that all hazardous chemical enterprises need 24-hour continuous supervision of large-scale production

the urban safety risk assessment report of Binhai New Area has also been released, forming the "urban safety risk assessment report" and "electronic map of urban safety risk" of Binhai New Area, as well as a number of schemes

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