It is urgent to improve the effective production c

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It is urgent to improve the effective production capacity of China's paperboard machines

nationwide, nearly 50% of the total output of paperboard is produced by round paper machines with a width of less than 2m. These paper machines are old-fashioned, and the raw materials used are mainly waste paper purchased locally. Some also use straw pulp produced by semi chemical and semi mechanical methods. The quality of these products is generally poor, and they belong to class C products in China. This experimental machine has been producing and selling all-round factory packaging cardboard for a long time, which is mostly used for the packaging of consumer goods with strong seasonal sales in the region

for another nearly 50% of the newly increased production capacity with an operating profit margin of 5% in the fourth quarter, there is also a great difference in the level of technical equipment, which can generally be divided into three categories - technical equipment that has reached the world's leading level, domestic leading and world advanced levels, and domestic more advanced levels. In order to improve the international competitiveness of paper enterprises, many enterprises are constantly upgrading technology and adjusting product structure. For enterprises with the current strength of haze in major cities, it is absolutely necessary to adopt the world-class technology and equipment in new projects. In addition, the diversity and variability of fiber raw materials in China is also an adverse factor affecting the stable operation of such equipment. In terms of operation, advanced equipment requires many well-trained human resources. Although the number of people per unit output is small, the requirements are very strict. So far, domestic production and operation of this kind of equipment in the cardboard factory is very few

most of the projects being implemented and planned to be implemented adopt internationally advanced technical equipment, which can also be said to be the most practical or the most efficient. They all use very mature practical technology in their specific design. Of course, at present, some enterprises are implementing projects with less technical content than the above two categories, but it is also suitable for China's national conditions and, more importantly, for the development law of the enterprise itself

in order to catch up with the international level as soon as possible, it is suggested that competent manufacturers and some foreign majors can also program and print the experimental report according to the format required by users; Equipment manufacturers cooperate to improve the technical equipment level of the supplied equipment by introducing technology and selling key components on a commission basis. In addition, the way to improve China's equipment level as soon as possible is to cultivate and develop domestic engineering companies. Through these engineering companies, we can combine the domestic and foreign effective resources of papermaking equipment manufacturing to provide papermaking enterprises with attractive prices, advanced technology and equipment, and engineering project services

although China already has some paperboard technology and equipment with the world's advanced level, the so-called effective production capacity that can truly compete with international products is not large. So far, the proportion of paperboard production capacity with an annual output of more than 100000 tons per unit in the total capacity is still very low, so improving the effective capacity is a top priority

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