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The introduction of domestic standards for automotive flame retardant materials is urgent.

recently, it was learned that Volkswagen's new Passat has spontaneously combusted at least three times this year. As one of Shanghai Volkswagen's main models, the car has been on the market for less than two years, which can basically eliminate the aging of the body oil circuit and other problems, and the cause of self ignition has left consumers with lingering fear

in February this year, a Hangzhou friend posted on a forum that his friend had just bought a brand-new Passat for about a year and suddenly caught fire when parking. The car has been bought for about one year. I went to the 4S store for maintenance a week ago, and all maintenance and repairs were done at the 4S store without any modification; Also in February this year, a brand-new Passat of a Chengdu car owner suddenly stalled during the driving, and a fire occurred after it was started again; Another case of spontaneous combustion occurred at about 50 a.m. on January 5. The owner of a 2011 new Passat 1.8TSI DSG honorary edition parked his car on the roadside and flamed out about 5 minutes later

similarly, in recent years, a number of safety accidents caused by the burning of school buses and buses have attracted great attention from people from all walks of life. During the two sessions, Yuan Zhimin, a deputy to the National People's Congress, believed that in addition to the inflammables carried by people in the car, the decorative materials in the car were actually "accomplices" who contributed to the fire. There are many relevant standards for the flame retardancy of decorative materials used in school buses and passenger cars in China. The requirements for the flame retardancy of interior decorative materials in the standards are too low to effectively prevent and delay the occurrence of fire. Therefore, he suggested that the National Standardization Administration Committee should organize the revision of the existing standards to improve the flame retardant grade of interior decoration materials such as school buses and buses. At the same time, a testing and accreditation system shall be established, and only the materials approved by the national authority can be used

in China, the research in the field of flame retardant and fire prevention started late, and there is a large gap with developed countries such as Europe and the United States. At the same time, the formulation of standards and regulations in the field of flame retardant and fire prevention is also backward compared with European and American countries. At present, even if the products are used in China, Most of them still use European molding (for example, the way of molding and processing conditions lead to changes in crystallinity and orientation, which are judged by American standards, such as France, Germany, Britain and the United States. At present, gold spray free materials have been implemented in many fields such as home appliances, automobiles, cosmetics and specific packaging.

it is understood that flame retardant materials have been widely used in Japanese cars in foreign brand cars to improve safety performance. Therefore, relevant experts It strongly appeals that the state should publish the flame retardant standard of automotive materials as soon as possible and widely promote the application of lighting that only makes 2/3 of the field of vision of the objective lens appear. At the same time, high-speed rail, subway, train, ship and other fields must also be paid attention to

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