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"Intelligence" converges the world and "data" creates the future - the 2017 global information technology executive conference is about to be held

in recent years, the development of a new generation of information technology in the world has advanced by leaps and bounds. The breakthrough and integrated development of information technologies such as mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, IOT, artificial intelligence and so on have promoted the rapid development of the digital economy. In order to further implement the smart manufacturing, Internet + national strategy and promote the smart transformation of made in China, under the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the provincial people's Government of Shaanxi Province for replacing computer hosts, the China Institute of electronics, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology, the development and Construction Management Committee of Xixian new area of Shaanxi Province, the Secretariat of China CIO alliance, the Secretariat of China industrial big data innovation and development alliance The 2017 global information technology executive conference, organized by the Management Committee of Fengxi new town, Xixian New District, Shaanxi Province and co organized by Zhihui industry, will be grandly held in the International Conference Hall of Fengxi new town on December

on site of previous global information technology executives' conferences

the theme of this conference is to build a cross-border, cross domain and cross professional exchange platform for information technology executives, and provide an international stage for technological exchange and cooperation for enterprises. The conference plans to invite leaders of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Shaanxi Provincial People's government and other competent departments, leaders of local competent departments of industry and information technology, internationally renowned experts and scholars, CEOs/CIOs/CTOs of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, industry associations, upstream and downstream users of the industry, well-known media institutions at home and abroad and other parties, a total of about 1000 people. The conference will share domestic and foreign technology trends and practical experience with a more "forward-looking vision, and work with global information technology executives to inject new momentum into the development of the world economy

on the scene of the conference, 2017's leading figures, 2017's top 100 CIO, 2017's innovative CIO, 2017's CIO work advanced individuals and 2017's excellent CIO will be announced on the scene. At that time, the conference will commend the honorary winners in order to further promote the construction of the CIO system and further promote the deep integration of industrialization and informatization in China

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content of the conference

valve spring is to ensure that the valve is seated in time and closely fits the plenary meeting. It is composed of two contents: the new development of digital economy, the new pattern of intelligent manufacturing and CIO innovation. In addition, there are three thematic forums. During the meeting, visits to the park and key enterprises will be arranged. Relying on the expert committee of China CIO alliance and China industrial big data innovation and development alliance, the meeting aims to promote the development of China's CIO system construction and provide an efficient and extensive platform for improving the integration level of entrepreneurship and innovation in China

high standard government leaders and enterprise leaders discuss new directions and new ideas together

international and domestic first-class academic experts and industry experts jointly analyze new opportunities and challenges

commend excellent domestic CIOs, and give play to the demonstration effect of industry development and people's contributions

hundreds of media strongly publicized the conference, and carried out 360 degree continuous coverage of the conference in an all-round way before, during and after the conference

the conference will provide an efficient and extensive platform for promoting the development of China's CIO system and improving the level of China's integration of industrialization and industrialization

all circles are welcome to attend the 2017 global information technology executives' conference. For more details, please continue to pay attention to the China Institute of electronics and the official website of the conference

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