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He Qinghua, chairman of Shanhe Intelligence: my dream of "big equipment manufacturing"

he Qinghua, chairman of Shanhe Intelligence: my dream of "big equipment manufacturing"

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Guide: as long as there is no business trip, he Qinghua, 65, chairman of Hunan Shanhe Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanhe Intelligence) will inspect the company's production workshop almost every day. This late bloomer has been struggling in the construction machinery industry for nearly 30 years, and he is the first person to contact construction machinery in China

as long as there is no business trip, he Qinghua, 65, chairman of Hunan Shanhe Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanhe intelligent), will inspect the company's production workshop almost every day

this late bloomer has been involved in the construction machinery industry for nearly 30 years. He is one of the earliest experts in China who came into contact with construction machinery. He has established a close relationship with customers in the industry since his early years at Central South University. At the age of 53, he Qinghua led Shanhe intelligent to go through a unique path of integration of industry, University and research

he Qinghua, who was born in Central South University, has also served as the director and doctoral advisor of the Department of engineering equipment design and control of Central South University. He personally led graduate students, and many of his students joined the company, so the R & D advantage has become the core advantage of the company

relying on the strong momentum of the integration of industry, University and research, the operating revenue of Shanhe intelligent increased from 638 million yuan when it was listed in 2006 to 2.838 billion yuan in 2010, and the net profit increased from 81.55 million yuan in 2006 to 203 million yuan in 2010. The average annual growth rate of revenue and net profit was as high as 45.23% and 25.61% respectively

"in the whole industry, in Changsha, the capital of construction machinery, Shanhe intelligence is a fast-growing company, but compared with Zoomlion and sany in the same city, Shanhe intelligence is slightly inferior. These two companies develop faster and have grown into a giant of a full range of products in the construction machinery industry." An insider in Hunan said so

he Qinghua, who acts in his own style, said that Shanhe intelligent currently specializes in small excavators and piling machinery, and will next expand into other product areas of construction machinery. In addition to engineering machinery, Shanhe intelligence also involves in the field of general aviation and yacht manufacturing. According to his conclusion, I have previously achieved success in predictive market orientation. In the future, to realize the dream of "large equipment manufacturing" requires efforts in follow-up market orientation, but in any case, the foundation is still based on the core advantage of the integration of industry, University and research

core: independent research and development and differentiation

: from the loan of 500000 yuan at the beginning of its establishment in 1999, it has grown to 2.8 billion yuan in revenue, 200 million yuan in net profit and 5.5 billion yuan in market value in 2010. What are the strategic advantages behind the rapid growth

he Qinghua: our biggest feature and advantage is independent research and development. The company started by relying on the pile driver technology invented by myself, rather than cloning other people's products. Even mature products like excavators take a different path

at present, our products involve dozens of excavators and skid steer loaders ranging from 0.8 tons to 47 tons. These products have left the brand of independent research and development in terms of appearance, hydraulic components and circuits, electronic control components and other key components

of course, these practices inevitably affect the development speed and pay more hardships, but this is my own preference on the one hand, and on the other hand, it will make the company's technical precipitation and foundation better

the development prospect is very optimistic

: at present, the leading enterprises of construction machinery mainly focus on heavy machinery such as concrete machinery and lifting machinery. Why do you choose small machinery with relatively low gross profit margin such as small excavation as the main direction

he Qinghua: This is our differentiated competitive strategy. I don't deny that small excavators are not the mainstream of the industry at present, and the gross profit rate is low. Moreover, because we did it early, many technologies were learned and used by latecomers, and paving stones were made for them

however, we should see the future trend. At present, domestic infrastructure construction is still in the extensive period of "blasting mountains and roads" and "large-scale demolition and construction". The sales ratio of domestic heavy machinery to small machinery is 97:3, while this figure is 2:1 in Europe

different development stages have different equipment needs. After the extensive stage of China's urbanization construction, it will enter the "meticulous" stage. The demand for small equipment will soon rise, and there is a lot of room for market growth in the future

strategy: multi product, large equipment

: in addition to basic equipment, small excavators and other products, the company also entered the field of forklifts, road machinery, coal machinery, lifting machinery and special machinery, and carried out small aircraft and yacht business. What are the considerations for entering so many fields at the same time? Will it distract your energy and core strengths

he Qinghua: the multi product strategy is based on the deep technological accumulation of Shanhe intelligence. From 1984 to 1999, I have been carrying out technical cooperation with enterprises, and I have accumulated a lot of experience and innovative technology in the equipment manufacturing industry. As long as it is transformed, it can become a real productivity

since I was a child, I like to make things by hand. From this point, it is a dream come true. In the future, we will give full play to our own and enterprise advantages and gradually build the company into a large equipment manufacturing group with construction machinery as the main body, involving mining machinery, general aviation and related supporting industries

: how can you promote and realize the synergy between so many product lines? What will be the focus of development

he Qinghua: the first thing is to consolidate and expand the company's position in the field of small construction machinery and piling machinery. Most of the company's IPO fundraising and additional fundraising in 2008 were invested in small construction machinery, which is the company's flagship product and must not be lost

in addition to small excavators, the company also began to make medium and large excavators with high gross profit margin. Now the company's excavator product line has covered a full range of products from 0.8 tons to 47 tons. In addition, Anhui and Tianjin have eased the restriction of the introduction of soil by Matti Holtzberg, a composite material expert in Florida, USA, in 1980. Our coal mining equipment and hoisting machinery there will also be vigorously developed and strengthened

as for entering the light aircraft and yacht business, we are mainly interested in the emerging prospects of the industry. However, these two businesses have long investment cycles and slow returns, so at present, they are mainly invested by myself and other natural persons, and listed companies do not hold a controlling position. The first domestic all composite light aircraft based on carbon fiber developed by us is about to pass the airworthiness certification of relevant departments

confidence: industry university research integration

: Changsha, as the capital of China's construction machinery, Sany Heavy Industry with market-oriented mode, and Zoomlion with the restructuring mode of scientific research institutes, are equally famous. So what is the mode on which Shanhe intelligence relies for success

he Qinghua: every enterprise has its own characteristics in development, and enterprises can only choose development strategies according to their own strengths. Sany and Zoomlion are market-oriented, while we are a R & D-oriented integrated development model of industry, University and research

the core connotation of industry university research integration is conscious innovation in research and development, the pursuit of harmonious and rational development in management, and the combination of scientific research, education and industrial development

at the beginning of the company's founding, most of the scientific researchers were teachers and students of Central South University. Teaching and learning grow together. Industry, University and research have made the company's past. Until now, the company has begun to recruit scientific research talents across the country. The development of the enterprise has promoted the development of industry, University and research to a higher level

: is this mode related to your teaching experience in Central South University? Or is it because of the need of market development that it also plays a very important role in our experimental machine industry

he Qinghua: it should be said that there is both. After I stayed in school in 1984 and taught until 1999, I was providing technical drawings to state-owned enterprises for technical cooperation, and many enterprises aimed at immediate interests, and the absorption and transformation of technology was not complete. At that time, I had an idea that since there was so much technology accumulation, why not set up an enterprise and make products of my own will, so I founded Shanhe intelligence in 1999

the outside world believes that Shanhe intelligence pays attention to R & d rather than market orientation. I think there are two types of market orientation: predictive and follow-up. Predictive is to start R & D according to their own judgment of the future market when the product is still in an uncertain period. Follow-up is to see that the performance of the product in the market has been very clear, and quickly integrate resources and launch. Our pile driver, small excavator, down the hole drill and rotary drilling rig should all belong to the predictive market orientation

from the perspective of market effect, it is difficult to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of these two orientations. The foresight early stage may be more risky due to the poor maturity of technology and market development; The follow-up type generally enters when the technology maturity is high and the market development is relatively clear. If unconventional means can be used to integrate resources, the market effect may be better

at present, the bottleneck of the company's land resources has been significantly improved. Several product categories with large volume and high profit, such as medium and large excavators and lifting equipment, have entered the market and are ready to realize leapfrog development

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