Tips for using the hottest HP printer cartridge II

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Tips for using HP printer ink cartridges (II)

Step 1:

first, the purchase of ink cartridges. A large number of fake products give people a headache. We need to correctly identify the true and fake ink cartridges in order to get better printing effect and reduce the loss caused by the use of fake and inferior products. When choosing ink cartridges, you should pay attention to the anti-counterfeiting marks on the packaging and the printing quality. Fake packaging boxes generally have rough printing; Pay attention to whether the package is complete. There is JS used original ink cartridge packaging for re packaging, and carefully check whether it has been disassembled; Look at the expiration time of the product by the way; When hitting high tonnage, the last thing is to check the serial number of the ink cartridge to verify its authenticity. HP ink cartridge query:

query the serial number on

verify the body

Step 2:

ink cartridge maintenance and repair

after using it for a period of time, many friends find that the printing quality changes and the angle measurement range decreases, Or just print the 3 poly environmental protection, adopt the new technology of coal coking and the new technology of modern coal chemical industry, and comprehensively transform and upgrade the coal coking enterprise with an annual output of 1.1 million tons of metallurgical coke in 7 Taihe City, Heilongjiang Province. A small number of documents cannot be printed. After the printer is tested to be normal, it will be considered that the ink cartridge has been "broken". If it is thrown away in this way, it is too wasteful, and the blockage of the ink cartridge nozzle is the biggest reason for these sites

hp's nozzle is integrated on the ink cartridge

maybe you don't know that there are hundreds of nozzles on that small ink cartridge. Dust and poor quality ink will block the nozzle and make it impossible to print. At this time, we need to replace it with a good working environment and clean the ink cartridge. The simplest way is to use the cleaning software that comes with the driver. If not, you can use acetone to clean it, which volatilizes quickly. what? No acetone? Is there always boiling water? Half a cup of boiling water, hot, flush, pay attention not to enter the circuit board

cleaning the ink cartridge nozzle needs to be careful

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