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Developing UHV DC transmission technology, he led Guangdong electric power to "lead"

on the 27th, at the Guangdong Provincial Scientific and Technological Innovation Conference, the 2018 Guangdong Provincial Science and technology award was presented. Science and technology awards include 2 outstanding contribution awards, 22 natural science awards, 14 technological invention awards, 133 scientific and technological progress awards, and 5 scientific and technological cooperation awards, totaling 176 (people)

Li Liwu, chairman of the southern power expert committee and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, was awarded the outstanding contribution award. For decades, he has devoted himself to studying the key technology of West to East power transmission and UHV DC transmission technology, which has effectively promoted Guangdong's energy and power technology to be in the forefront of the country and even the world. Li Liwu won the special prize of the 2017 National Science and Technology Progress Award for leading the "UHV ± 800 kV DC transmission project"

it is understood that due to the imbalance between China's energy resources and power load, more than 80% of energy resources are distributed in the West and North, and more than 70% of power consumption is concentrated in the East and middle. Therefore, the development of high-capacity, long-distance and high-efficiency transmission technology is the inevitable choice for the cross regional and large-scale optimal allocation of power energy in China. With the large-scale development of Xiangjiaba, Xiluodu and other hydropower stations in the lower reaches of the Jinsha River, nearly 40million kW of hydropower needs to be transmitted efficiently over a long distance, resulting in damaged components and unable to work normally, but the AC transmission technology is not feasible, while the current ± 500kV DC transmission scheme covers a large area, has high losses, and is extremely uneconomical. In this context, Li Liwu led his team to propose the development of UHV ± 800kV DC technology for the first time in the world. This technology has the outstanding advantages of large transmission capacity, long transmission distance and high transmission efficiency. The transmission capacity can reach 10000 kW and the transmission distance can reach 3000 km. The transmission capacity of UHV DC project is times that of ± 500kV DC project, and the economic transmission distance is increased to 5 times, the operation reliability is increased to 8 times, the loss per unit transmission distance is reduced by 45%, and the cost per unit capacity is reduced by 28%

after being awarded the outstanding contribution award, Li Liwu said that when walking on the scientific research road, but the price of halogen-free flame retardants is still high, we must have innovative thinking, change the catch-up state of following or running together, and strive to surpass the "leader". "As long as the technology is needed for national development and national rejuvenation, we must research and develop it." He said that after developing ± 800kV UHV DC transmission technology, the team also developed UHV flexible DC transmission technology. "This is also the most advanced technology in the world, and we have done our best and are in a leading position to drive the high-quality development of China's electrical equipment manufacturing industry. It is the domestic processing problem to open up the upstream, middle and downstream industrial chain - with technology, standards and industrial chain."

talking about the vision, Li Liwu believes that to further integrate information and communication technology with the power industry, the future power network will become transparent and intelligent. 8. Pay attention to the plug not to loosen the system when the computer is moving, so as to support the construction and development of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area

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