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He SHIMENG: cut through thorns and thorns all the way, repeatedly creating industry miracles

he SHIMENG, vice president of Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd., and general manager of Chongqing Wansheng Float Glass Co., Ltd

Chongqing Wansheng Float Glass Co., Ltd. was established on April 1st, 2009 with a registered capital of 300 million yuan (RMB), and was jointly funded by Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Fuyao (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. The company covers an area of about 360 mu, and its business scope includes the production of high-quality float glass, the production of transparent and body colored glass, special glass, special varieties (such as ultra white, ultra-thin, Low-E) and other glass, the deep processing of flat glass and its technical development, as well as the sales of the above products

since taking charge of Wansheng float, he SHIMENG has led the company to abide by integrity and regulations. In the early stage of preparation, he SHIMENG arranged special personnel to handle all kinds of licenses required by laws and regulations, obtained national permission, handled all kinds of licenses of the enterprise, operated according to law, and paid all kinds of taxes and fees payable. In response to the call of the government, he SHIMENG actively implemented energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. Under his leadership, the company has invested more than 5 million yuan to install a complete set of domestic sewage treatment facilities, silencing facilities, dust removal equipment and environmental monitoring facilities. He SHIMENG considered from the perspective of molecular structure: adding additives with chain extenders or additives that can block PLA functional groups also increased investment in safety, better eliminated potential safety hazards, and created a safe and secure working environment for employees

in 2010, he SHIMENG and his team successfully relocated and transformed Wansheng's 600 ton daily melting float glass production line. The original design of this production line can only produce building glass above 4.0mm, and the quality level is low, which cannot meet the requirements of automobile windshield processing. On the basis of maximizing the use of the original old equipment, the company upgraded the process layout of the production line, and successfully produced the original sheet for automotive glass processing in July, 2010

2012, in order to break through the foreign patent barrier of Fuyao sheet glass, he SHIMENG led the team to optimize the process design of Wansheng 450 ton line. Combined with the company's many years of cooperation experience with PPG, the company successfully developed 2.0mm glass for automobile windshield processing in September, creating an industry miracle and filling the domestic technical gap. It was praised as "Wansheng mode" by the industry, which is also the industry of foam granulator

in 2013, in order to solve the problem of purchasing the original pieces of gray glass for the body of Fuyao Group, Fuyao Group decided to develop this kind of glass in Wansheng float by relying on its own technical strength. Gray glass contains many metal oxides and the production process is complex. At that time, only Pilkington company in China had a production line in Tianjin. At the end of 2013, he SHIMENG led the team through many process demonstrations and some process improvements, as well as adding some equipment on the basis of the original design. After two months of commissioning and production, in early February 2014, grey glass raw sheets that meet the requirements of Fuyao Group's automotive glass plus the use of thermoelectric conversion materials and solar cells were successfully produced, making outstanding contributions to Fuyao Group's difficult competition for domestic orders and capacity expansion

Wansheng Float Glass Co., Ltd. now has two high-quality float glass production lines with a daily melting capacity of 600 tons. In 2013, the total production volume was about 340000 tons, and the total sales volume was about 578.28 million yuan

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