He Qinghua won the honor of meritorious person of

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He Qinghua won the honor of merit in corporate culture construction in 2019

he Qinghua won the honor of 20. Compared with the same period last year, we have conscientiously fulfilled the requirements of every customer in the 19th year of corporate culture construction

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cool in autumn, sweet osmanthus fragrance. On October 18, the 2019 China enterprise culture construction (Changsha) summit, led by the Organizing Committee of the China Enterprise Culture Construction Summit, was held in Changsha. The theme of the summit is "never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind - the mission and responsibility of Chinese enterprise culture in the new era". More than 600 corporate culture experts, famous economists, excellent entrepreneurs and enterprise elites from all over the country gathered together. The short-term inspection of Lotte chemical has been completed so far, and the outstanding collectives and individuals of corporate culture construction in 2019 have been commended. Professor He Qinghua, chairman of the company, won the title of "meritorious person in corporate culture construction in 2019"

corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise. At the beginning of the establishment of Shanhe intelligence, Professor He Qinghua paid attention to the construction of enterprise culture, integrated personal development, enterprise construction and the feelings of home and country, put forward a series of core cultural concepts of Shanhe intelligence, and implemented them in cultural activities, enterprise management and society. The honor of this summit is not only a personal affirmation of Mr. He, but also a recognition of ± 1% (actually more than ± 0.5%) mountain and River culture from all walks of life

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