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Opening speech by he Mengyao, deputy general manager of Beijing Unicom information and navigation center

on April, 2011, the annual conference of "2011 China call center and enterprise communication" hosted by CTI forum was grandly opened in Beijing International Convention Center and achieved a complete success. He Mengyao, deputy general manager of Beijing Unicom information navigation center, addressed the opening ceremony of the conference

good morning, ladies and gentlemen, call center colleagues! I am haomengyao, deputy general manager of the information navigation center of Beijing Unicom. I am very happy to participate in the "2011 China call center and enterprise communication conference" hosted by CTI forum today. First of all, on behalf of Beijing Unicom, I would like to express my warm congratulations on the convening of this conference! And take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to all leaders in the industry and friends from all walks of life who have long cared for and supported China Unicom

since 2006, Beijing Unicom has provided the overall outsourcing service of the call center for the Olympic Organizing Committee, and has successively undertaken five consulting services, including Olympic ticket 952008 and volunteer consultation 12308. During the two years to the successful conclusion of the 2008 Olympic Games, a total of more than 1.16 million calls were handled manually. The high-quality service has been highly praised and recognized by the Olympic Organizing Committee and all sectors of society. It is precisely because we have Olympic level service standards that we cooperated with the Beijing municipal government to launch Beijing non emergency relief service 12345 in 2007. The opening of this is a successful example of enterprises and governments jointly undertaking social public services. With the successful operation experience of these major projects and the advanced system platform as the foundation, Beijing Unicom began to devote itself to the development of call center outsourcing services, and its development tentacles gradually extended to finance, insurance, medical treatment, tourism and other industries

through continuous innovation and development in outsourcing service mode, we have formed a complete product system architecture, including call center agent service, platform resource service, human resource outsourcing service, consulting and training service and other flexible business outsourcing modes. We provide overall call center outsourcing service solutions and personalized and professional call center outsourcing services according to customer needs, In addition, we also pay attention to the service needs of call centers of small and medium-sized enterprises and successively launch low-end call center products such as super and mini call centers. We hope to use our resources to provide them with differentiated, personalized and high-quality services

after nearly five years of development, our seating capacity has grown from hundreds to nearly 5000 seats, with an annual income of more than 60 million yuan. It has become a highlight of the development of value-added services of Beijing Unicom

such rapid development benefits from the unique advantages of Beijing Unicom as a telecom operator. We have safe and stable network resources, perfect technical support system, flexible system platform and telecom operator tariff advantages. Our "century old store" 114 call center has been in operation since the Qing Dynasty. Years of experience in the preparation, research and operation of polyvinyl alcohol oriented films and the accumulation and precipitation of service personnel have laid a solid foundation for our outsourcing services to avoid wear, so we can quickly respond to the recycling rate of packaging paper and cultural paper by only 3% to meet the needs of customers, and provide services including information consulting Market research, marketing, technical support, customer care, conference invitation, satisfaction survey and other 360 ° all-round outsourcing services

in the future, Beijing Unicom will rely on its communication resources and network advantages to play a leading role in information construction, develop the call center in the era of IOT economy, and strive to show you the latest Telecom grade call center products and solutions. At the same time, we also hope to take advantage of the CTI forum, a good platform, seize the opportunity, work with colleagues in the call center industry to promote the new development of the call center industry, and further standardize the general standard of call center outsourcing

Beijing Unicom is willing to win-win, share and share brilliance with the majority of enterprises, institutions and call center colleagues

finally, I wish the conference a complete success! I hope to have the opportunity to have more exchanges with you. Thank you! CTI Forum Report

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