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He Zuoxiu: wind energy extraction, water storage and power generation is beneficial to the country and the people

we should vigorously develop wind energy extraction, water storage and power generation. A few days ago, he Zuoxiu repeatedly told everyone to make more appeals for this matter

he Zuoxiu, a gray haired academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is full of spirit, speaks forcefully and has a clear attitude as always. In my opinion, pumped storage power stations should not be matched with nuclear energy, but with wind, solar and hydropower

during the China wind energy industry observation forum held in late August, he Zuoxiu explained his views on pumped storage power stations to China industry daily

combined use of new energy to escort peak power consumption

at present, domestic attention to pumped storage power stations is high, especially when building nuclear power stations, local governments are often required to build pumped storage power stations at the same time. He Zuoxiu told him that he had different views on this. Pumped storage power stations should not be matched with nuclear power, and nuclear power plus pumped storage will lose about 20% of energy

he believes that from the perspective of maximizing the use of effective electric energy, pumped storage power stations should be matched with wind energy, solar energy and hydropower. Hydropower also has shortages and surpluses. Of course, the most effective one is matched with wind energy

after the extraordinary development of doubling the installed capacity of wind power for five consecutive years, China has encountered problems. Less roads and more cars make a large number of fans idle, and wind resources are lost in vain

he Zuoxiu analyzed that 40% or even half of the cost of wind power belongs to the upper cost. To convert the DC power generated by wind energy into AC power, there are many technical problems that need to be solved, and a large amount of investment needs to be increased; During the transformation from DC to AC, through the inverter system, plus the line loss, it may also lose 10% - 15% of the energy. Therefore, I am most in favor of the combination of wind energy and pumped storage power stations

in addition, the peak power consumption problem that needs to be solved for power dispatching at present. He believes that wind energy, solar energy and pumped storage power stations should be combined to provide peak power. The reasons are as follows: the peak electricity price is high, and the current costs of solar energy and wind energy are also relatively high. If it can be combined with pumped storage power stations to specifically ensure the supply of peak electricity, it will be the most reasonable from the perspective of power allocation. At the same time, because the biggest advantage of hydropower generation is that it is easier to start and close the gate, while thermal power generation and nuclear power, It is not easy to do this because of thermal inertia

therefore, he called for the formulation of a policy that renewable energy + pumped storage power stations should jointly supply peak electricity to power companies. If it can be achieved, if it can meet the current electricity demand of peak shaving and peak filling, it will basically solve the big problem of power dispatching

build small smart electricity according to local conditions

of course, it is not necessary to build a large-scale peak shaving system for peak electricity at the beginning. We can first excavate and develop strategic emerging industries centered on the distributed energy supply system in the vast rural areas and small towns, that is, solar energy + wind energy + small hydropower + biomass energy + small pumped storage power stations + small and medium-sized energy storage batteries + power batteries of small and medium-sized electric vehicles A new energy system of distributed power supply and heating centered on small and medium-sized smart electricity. He Zuoxiu further explained that it is not necessary to have everything, but to adapt to local conditions and use local materials. If there are local wind energy resources and pumped storage power stations can be built, small smart electricity composed of small fans + small pumped storage power stations can be used

in his opinion, the best solution to solve the power consumption in rural production is to form a solar photovoltaic power station with a continuous power supply of 8 to 10 hours and a power of 500 to 1 according to local conditions. Product introduction: 2000 kW solar photovoltaic power station, but at present, the more realistic is a small smart power station composed of small fans + lithium ion energy storage batteries + small pumped storage power station

why does small smart electricity also include lithium-ion energy storage batteries

his answer is that the energy storage battery used in this small smart electricity can also be used as the power battery of agricultural passenger and freight electric vehicles, including tractors. One of the directions of the future development of rural transportation in China is that passenger transport and freight transport, including tractors, should move towards electric vehicles. There are 120million electric bicycles in China, and the annual production in the past 12 years is 20million. I estimate that the number of electric bicycles can exceed 1billion in 10 years

he told that rural areas need a large number of electric tricycles. If there are 10000 electric bicycles and 10000 electric tricycles in a small town, the energy storage power is at least 15000 kW ~ 20000 kW, and the vehicle power battery can be used as the energy storage battery of micro electricity, small electricity and medium electricity

however, if there are good hydropower and topographic conditions nearby to build small hydropower stations or pumped storage power stations, then the more favorable scheme is photovoltaic power generation + wind energy + small hydropower + small pumped storage batteries. The renewable energy used depends entirely on the local resource distribution. However, pumped storage power stations have better investment benefit ratio than lithium-ion batteries. He Zuoxiu stressed that because the price of lithium-ion batteries is still high, and pumped storage power stations may lose more energy than lithium-ion batteries in the process of charging and discharging, but their energy storage benefits are actually higher than lithium-ion batteries

the pumped storage power station can not only use solar energy and wind energy to pump and store energy, but also accept rainwater from the sky. Its equivalent energy storage efficiency of charge and discharge will greatly exceed that of lithium-ion energy storage batteries. Therefore, I advocate vigorously developing pumped storage power stations. He said

Feng Shui complementation is completely profitable

in the policy of developing pumped storage power stations, in addition to paying attention to the new large-scale pumped storage power stations, we should also pay attention to the construction of some small-scale pumped storage power stations

he Zuoxiu explained with the recently obtained data as an example. There are about 50000 kW of small hydropower stations in Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province, most of which are cascade hydropower stations. The average power generation time of larger hydropower stations is 2700 hours. With smaller hydropower stations, the average power generation time of small hydropower stations in the county is about 2200 hours

when he asked the local hydropower station master and engineer whether it could be changed into a pumped storage power station, he got the answer that it was too easy! They are all steps. Just pump up the water below. At the same time, he Zuoxiu's proposal to increase the power generation of the hydropower station by pumping water with wind and solar energy has also been agreed by the station master and engineers. As long as there are policies and funds, it can be completely increased from the existing 2200 hours to 8000 hours of power generation a year

as far as I know, Zhejiang Province has good wind energy resources. Solar energy belongs to three types of areas, and there are appropriate terrain and sufficient resources to build pumped storage power stations, including large-scale pumped storage power stations. He Zuoxiu said that there are 4million kW pumped storage power stations in the local area. I am in favor of building a peak shaving power station in Zhejiang Province, which is jointly operated by wind energy + solar energy + hydropower + pumping 10 and chain energy storage power stations to supply peak shaving and valley shaving

he believes that the current focus is on the strategic cooperation between wind energy and the departments building pumped storage power stations. Priority should be given to the combination in areas with favorable terrain, such as Zhejiang Province and Fujian Province, so as to occupy the high electricity price market during peak electricity consumption. Now the peak electricity consumption in many regions in China is about 1.5 yuan per kilowatt hour. Wind energy and pumped storage power stations should be combined, that is, using wind energy to lift water and store energy, and then using water turbines to generate electricity, It's completely profitable

of course, this requires careful negotiation with electricity, because it involves the policy of electricity price. He stressed that with the combination of wind energy + solar energy + hydropower + pumped storage power stations, the so-called garbage power will become high-quality electricity, and there should be high-quality electricity prices on high-quality electricity

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