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Large infusion soft packaging headspace gas analysis and detection

large infusion headspace gas analysis (especially large infusion residual oxygen detection and analysis) is related to the product quality within the warranty period. Through the hga-01 headspace gas analyzer produced by Labthink Languang (Jinan Languang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.) and its special sampler, the problem of large infusion (infusion bottle, infusion bag) residual oxygen detection can be solved conveniently, economically and efficiently, The inspection of large infusion bottle and large infusion bag packaging can be well realized

I. significance of controlling the residual oxygen content in the headspace of large infusion bottles and large infusion bags

oxygen is the main factor affecting the shelf life of large infusion products. The study found that by controlling the proportion of gas components in the packaging of large infusion bottles and large infusion bags, the shelf life of products can be effectively extended or the storage quality can be improved. In order to minimize the content of specific gases in the large infusion packaging, map and cap packaging have been widely used in the large infusion industry. The inert gases that play a key role in extending the shelf life of products are mainly composed of nitrogen or nitrogen and carbon dioxide with stable properties. However, there is always a certain amount of gas in the large infusion packaging, and the gas components inside the infusion packaging cannot eliminate the existing oxygen and other gases inside the packaging since the completion of packaging, And with the extension of the storage time of the product, the gas composition will further change. It can be seen that the basic feature of no universal experimental machine is that it can realize large tonnage at low cost. It is always difficult for us to grasp the gas composition inside the packaging at any time, which brings difficulties to the analysis of product quality, the effectiveness of shelf life prediction, and the rationality of packaging design. Hga-01 headspace gas analyzer can effectively solve this problem

second, choose the appropriate hga-01 headspace gas analyzer

labthink hga-01 headspace gas analyzer can solve the above difficulties well through a special sampler, so that the headspace gas analysis and inspection of small packaging can be realized in the design concept and thinking of the next generation of ultra-low rotational resistance materials. Hga-01 headspace gas analyzer absorbs the advantages of desktop and portable equipment, and has many unique advantages. First of all, it can detect the content of oxygen and carbon dioxide at the same time, and the range and accuracy reach the world-class product level. Secondly, it has two injection methods: automatic injection and manual injection, and detects the content of oxygen and carbon dioxide at the same time. Equipped with special needles, gaskets and filters, the pumping time and response time have also been improved to the greatest extent, which can fully ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of the test data. In addition, the instrument is equipped with the current international mainstream gas analysis sensor, which can meet the normal use of at least 6 years. In order to facilitate the use of the instrument, it has both portable and portable functions, and also has the printing function that traditional portable devices do not have, so that it can be easily used in various environments and carry out rapid detection of samples

III. summary of analysis and detection of residual oxygen in large infusion packages

through the analysis and detection of residual oxygen in headspace gas in the recent cooperation cases between ofo and BASF, moBay and Dow chemistry, this journal introduces to you that the analysis and detection of residual oxygen in headspace gas can enable us to more conveniently, accurately and quickly control the changes of gas composition in the packaging, and provide important data support for the analysis of product quality, validity of shelf life and rationality of packaging design, It is an essential detection means to strengthen product quality control, and the practical and reliable hga-01 headspace gas analyzer combined with the special purchase sampler equipment is the basis of how to select the computer tension position for residual oxygen analysis and control in relevant pharmaceutical orders

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