It is expected that the space under the glass futu

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Bad news is gradually digested. It is expected that the space under the glass futures is limited.

since the sharp fall in late March, the gravity of the glass futures has moved down and fluctuated in a narrow range. At present, the trading volume is around 1350 yuan/ton to 1400 yuan/ton. As of yesterday's closing, the main contract of glass futures closed at 1385 yuan/ton, up 0.07% within the day, and the position decreased by 13000 to 154000

analysts pointed out that since March, with the sharp decline of black commodities such as steel mines, Zheng Bo has fallen sharply, ending the three-month consolidation trend. In April, with the loosening of spot prices, the ex warehouse situation of manufacturers will be greatly improved. It is expected that there is limited space below the future price of glass

market confidence fell

last week, before the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday, glass futures closed at the negative line in three trading days, and the 1809 contract was weaker than the 1805 contract. During the holidays, the trend of the glass spot market was weak, and the delivery of production enterprises was general

on April 9, China glass composite index reached 1201.84 points, up -2.80 points month on month; China glass price index 1229.71 points, up -2.54 points month on month; The utilization experiment of synthetic Eucommia glue of China Glass Qingdao Dipai New Material Co., Ltd. showed that the glass confidence index was 1090.35 points, up -3.84 points month on month

insiders said that the market confidence has dropped. In the spot market, some manufacturers with high inventory and high prices in Shahe region have fallen significantly due to the pressure of warehouse out, and other manufacturers have also fallen to varying degrees

weijunyi, analyst of Huatai futures, said that in April, the demand for glass began to weaken, and the inventory of glass enterprises and traders increased slightly. In order to relieve the pressure of warehouse out, manufacturers in Shahe region reduced the ex factory price twice in early April, with a cumulative decline of up to 80 yuan/ton

in terms of capacity, as of last week, the capacity utilization rate of float glass was 70.54%, unchanged month on month, down 1.74% year on year

in terms of inventory, as of the end of last week, the industry's inventory was 33.45 million heavy containers, an increase of 130000 heavy containers month on month and a decrease of 570000 heavy containers year on year

"Since March, the terminal demand has been affected by multiple factors, and the demand release has been less than expected. The factory's warehouse out situation is general, and the inventory of large factories has remained high. With the sharp decline of black commodities such as steel mines, Zheng Bo's near and far month contracts have fallen sharply, ending the three-month consolidation trend. With the sharp decline of futures prices, market confidence has weakened. In order to increase the warehouse out and withdrawal funds, in March, Shahe region took the lead in issuing the relevant policies after the end of the price guaranteed sales policy In response to preferential policies, it has spread rapidly to the surrounding areas, and the rise in spot prices since last winter has ended. The futures prices have fallen one after another, and the basis has converged, but it is still high. " Fangzheng interim futures analyst Tangbinghua explained

it is better to wait and see for a while

insiders believe that in April, with the loosening of the spot price, the factory will reduce unnecessary damage to other parts caused by blunt blade defects; Regularly check whether the belt is loose. The delivery situation will be greatly improved

the elastic element fatigue life testing machine produced by Shandong Sida high tech is mainly used for fatigue life testing of various bellows, glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes, elastic elements, etc.

in this regard, Tang Binghua analyzed that with the disappearance of external disturbance factors, the inventory pressure of spot enterprises will be relieved. With the end of the heating season and the improvement of the weather, the pent up demand in the early stage will be gradually released. The stabilization and recovery of the price of soda ash will support the glass price from the cost side, and the downward pressure on the glass price will be effectively relieved

"However, considering that the first half of the year is in a low demand season, and it is inevitable that the annual demand weakens, and the continuous increase of production capacity also suppresses the rising space of glass price from the supply side, the spot price maintained a volatile trend in April, and there is still a basis repair market for the futures price. For the 1805 and 1809 contracts, although there is a peak season expectation in the long months, the increase of production capacity and the overall weakness of annual demand will still make the futures price trend of 1809 contract weaker than 18 05 contract. " Tangbinghua suggested to wait and see for a while and operate after the market sentiment is stable; In terms of arbitrage, it is recommended to make multi price difference and price difference

weijunyi believes that at present, the market confidence has dropped, and it is necessary to pay attention to whether the enthusiasm of traders to replenish stocks can recover in the later stage. The stricter environmental protection supervision after the heating season "Gallen said that it was the main reason why the demand could not be fully released, and the increment of real estate building decoration orders was not as expected. Recently, the current price difference of glass period has expanded again. However, considering the sharp drop in the spot price of glass during the Qingming Festival holiday, it is recommended to wait and see for the time being, rather than go long

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