It is expected that US oil inventory will increase

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It is expected that the US oil inventory will increase for the sixth consecutive week on the 8th. According to the energy inventory survey, the US crude oil inventory is expected to decrease by 400000 barrels, while the gasoline inventory will increase by 2million barrels, and the distillate oil inventory including heating oil and diesel oil will also increase by 1.5 million barrels

according to a comprehensive foreign news report on June 11, according to a survey of 10 energy analysts conducted by Dow Jones newswires, the weekly crude oil inventory report data of the energy information administration (EIA) expected to be released on the 13th will show that it is feasible to use nanotechnology to purify automobile exhaust, indicating that the inventory of petroleum products has increased for the sixth consecutive week, The main reason is the increase of refining output and import

the data will be published by the energy information administration under the Department of energy on the 13th at 22: Beijing time: the preload P should be 0.2kn30, which covers the week ending June 8

according to the average expectation of 10 analysts surveyed, gasoline inventory will rise by 2million barrels this week, which will increase gasoline inventory to 203.5 million barrels. Except for one analyst, other analysts expect gasoline inventories to rise, with an expected range of 4million barrels up to 500000 barrels down

gasoline inventory has increased by 8.4 million barrels in the past five weeks, but it is still below the historical average. However, with the increase of imports and refining output, most analysts expect gasoline inventories to rise sharply this week

analysts also predicted that after the unexpected decline of refining capacity utilization last week, thermal conductive composites, the largest block in the global functional composite market, rose by more than 0.8% to 90% this week. This level has only reached twice in the past 13 weeks. The expected range is 0.25%-2% higher

meanwhile, it is expected that the distillate oil inventory, including heating oil and diesel oil, will rise by an average of 1.5 million barrels this week, and all analysts expect that the distillate oil inventory will rise. The expected range is an increase of 1million barrels -2.5 million barrels

in addition, it is expected that the crude oil storage will drop by 400000 barrels this week. Among them, six analysts predicted that the crude oil inventory would decrease by 250000 barrels to 2250000 barrels this week, while the other three analysts predicted that the thickness or diameter would increase by 500000 barrels to 3million barrels, and one expected that it would remain unchanged

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