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It is expected that in the future, the packaging industry will be driven by three major driving forces. Last year, the total output value of China's packaging industry reached 1300billion yuan, becoming the second largest packaging country after the United States only actively engaged in strategic cooperation with downstream enterprises. However, in terms of the number of enterprises and gross profit margin, in order to give full play to the advantages of this kind of spray foaming process, the domestic packaging industry is still in the growth period. It can be seen that the way for the packaging industry to survive is to provide added value for the downstream, save costs and provide product publicity effect, and grow with the growth of downstream customers. It is expected that the future packaging industry will be driven by three driving forces:

1. The trend of multifunctional packaging will promote the progress of the industry. With the passage of time, consumers are more and more inclined to the diversity of packaging functions, such as light isolation, oxygen isolation, preservation and other functions are becoming more and more common

2. The increasing national income has brought about an increase in packaging consumption. The downstream of the packaging and printing industry is dominated by consumer industries such as food, medicine, consumption22 and compression plate electronics. Therefore, the development of downstream industries driven by consumption growth will effectively drive packaging enterprises to continue to become bigger and stronger

3. Packaging products will be developed in the direction of lightness and beauty. In consideration of cost saving, downstream customers are increasingly demanding a reduction in the packaging price per square meter under the functional guarantee requirements

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