It is easier to prepare good concrete with the bes

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Shihaixia: good raw materials make it easier to prepare good concrete

shihaixia: good raw materials make it easier to prepare good concrete

the experimental machine applies the small panel control system to control and collect the original data t China Construction Machinery Information

. In order to organize this competition, the ready mixed concrete branch of China concrete and cement products association has done a lot of work, including inviting participating enterprises, leaders, judges, competition sites, raw materials, meeting venues and formulating competition rules

raw materials used in the competition

South Road machine-made sand equipment

at the competition site, the author met Haixia, the Secretary General of the ready mixed concrete branch, who is still busy. She shared an interesting phenomenon during the competition. She said that now there are fewer and fewer natural resources, and the quality of concrete aggregate is getting worse and worse. Therefore, more and more machine-made sand must be used. Shihaixia said that the manufactured sand in this competition was transported from Fujian by Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. and the participants generally reflected that the sand and gravel aggregates used in this competition were much better than the materials they used in actual production. At the same time, the quality of raw materials such as cement, fly ash and additives in this competition were also very good, so it was easier to prepare concrete that met the requirements. That is to say, 3. When purchasing melamine plastic tableware, you should inspect its smooth and intact raw materials to make it easier to prepare good concrete. She hopes that through the competition, she can select good design, good raw materials, good production technology and good concrete mix design concepts and share them with her peers, which will surely promote the technical progress of the industry

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