It is estimated that the global market value of pa

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It is estimated that the global market value of paint additives will reach US $6billion in 2015. San Jose, California, USA news, global industrial analysis Corporation (GIA) predicts that the global market share of paint additives (paint additives) is expected to reach US $6billion in 2015 according to market survey data. With the increase of market value of coating additives, there will be new trends in the types of products that customers have responded to us recently, such as low VOC and zero VOC products, and more and more water-based coating additives will gain more market share

with the increasingly stringent environmental protection regulations around the world in recent years, the global coating industry is also facing increasing environmental pressure. In order to minimize the restriction and impact of environmental protection regulations on coating products and coating market, many coating enterprises have already started the research and development of green formulas and green technologies applicable to environmental protection coatings. This situation also determines that the demand of paint manufacturers for innovative environmental protection additives in all countries will be increasingly obvious, and this trend will be more obvious in the future

the United States is currently the world's most p (HB – HV) TM market region with different decline ranges. During the period of financial crisis since 2007, the demand for paint additives in this region has declined significantly, especially in 2008. Recent market research conducted by GIA shows that the current demand for paint additives in the U.S. market is also optimistic with the economic recovery. GIA expects that the U.S. paint additives market will completely recover in 2010. This future forecast is not only based on the economic recovery, but also on the revision of environmental protection laws and regulations mentioned before

globally, the additive market with the most growth potential is still from the Asia Pacific region. First of all, the rapid development of the economy in the Asia Pacific region and the large-scale infrastructure support the development of the paint additive market. During the period of economic depression, India, China and other developing countries in Northern Shaanxi promoted coal heated granulator, which greatly boosted the demand for coatings in this region by increasing construction projects such as residential buildings, thus increasing the procurement of raw materials for coatings. This trend will continue for a considerable period of time in the future. Therefore, GIA is very optimistic about the market prospect of paint additives in the Asia Pacific region

it is understood that the "paint additives: global market analysis report" will focus on the analysis of market trends, competition, product types and industrial trends, with detailed data and analysis charts. The countries involved in the analysis include the United States, Japan, Europe, Asia Pacific and other countries and regions

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