It is difficult to stop the downward trend of tita

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In the middle and late July, the downward trend of titanium dioxide market was difficult to stop.

recently, the quotation range of rutile titanium dioxide was reduced by 500 yuan/ton: Guangxi: decreased by 500 yuan/ton; Jiangsu: down 500 yuan/ton; Shandong: down 500 yuan/ton. The quotation range of anatase products has not moved. At present, the market is still in the process of price adjustment, which is chaotic. The range price will also be lowered in the near future. It is understood that the first-line enterprises are unable to resist the pressure of weak downstream demand, and there are also price adjustments in succession. There are still a few brand enterprises that still insist on high quotation based on their brands and downstream user habits. However, it is also revealed that if the market holds a stalemate to enhance the supply capacity of basic organic chemical raw materials such as "3-ene" and "3-benzene", ethylene oxide/ethylene glycol, styrene and propylene oxide, the price will be reduced. It can be seen that the downward trend of titanium dioxide Market in the middle and late July is difficult to stop

it is reported that before July, the sales volume of medium and upper level enterprises was still considerable, the production and sales volume was basically flat or a small proportion of surplus, and a few first-line enterprises sold well; Since July, many second - and third tier manufacturers have high inventories, and now many manufacturers have abundant inventories. A manufacturer said: "the strict regulatory requirements of titanium dioxide ensure that the safety of this utilization field is mostly piled up in the warehouse, and the goods cannot be sold out. Now, the prices have to be reduced. The attitude of downstream buyers may be stronger, and the market is becoming more and more difficult to operate."

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