It is easy to clean the flavor putty at the most f

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Easy to clean flavor putty

easy to clean flavor putty

September 6, 2018

product introduction 1. Formaldehyde free formula

2. High quality latex powder is selected, which has good water resistance after drying

3. It is not easy to crack and fall off. It can be constructed by adding water

4. It is easy to construct and grind, and has good matching with latex paint

scope of application this product is widely used for home interior wall decoration, and is widely used in concrete structures Cement mortar, calcium silicate board and other surfaces are used together with medium and high-grade coatings to achieve more perfect decorative effect

product nature • construction temperature: 5 ℃ -35 ℃

• theoretical dosage: 1 8kg/m2, depending on the substrate

• packaging: 20kg/bag, 15kg/bag

• storage: store in a cool, clean and dry place, and keep the rest tightly. If the product is not opened and properly stored, the storage validity period is 12 months

construction procedure A. base course treatment:

1: the base course shall be solid and flat, free of impurities and oil stains, and the powdered and peeled parts shall be cleaned

2. The joints between calcium silicate board, gypsum board, wood board and wall or between boards shall be filled first, and bandages shall be pasted after drying

3. Before applying bandage, depressions larger than 5mm need to be filled with gypsum powder and white emulsion

b. add water for mixing:

according to putty powder: water =10: 5 after dilution, fully stir to form a uniform paste, let it stand for 10 minutes, and evenly stir again before use. After the second day after the release of the new national standard, the elastic modulus of homogeneous entities with the same overall dimension and radial stiffness as the bearing shall be calculated according to the radial stiffness, which shall be used up as soon as possible to avoid deterioration for a long time

c. the steel plate shall be used for batch scraping, and the construction shall strive not to expose the bottom and leak. The details of unqualified products shall be published in time, and no trace of knife connection shall be left. The total thickness of the putty layer is generally less than 3mm. The second layer of putty is scraped after the first drying. All control parameters and measurement results of the putty layer can be polished after real-time display on the computer screen

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