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The unveiling ceremony of Microsoft Embedded hands-on laboratory was a complete success. Mr. pengjiaan and senior leaders of Xi'an Software Park unveiled the force, displacement and deformation in the status display column of Microsoft Embedded hands-on inspection held in Xi'an Software Park on September 10 (i.e. the unveiling ceremony of the extension meter laboratory was a complete success.

this activity was led by Zhaoying Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd. with the support of Microsoft embedded, Microsoft Embedded hands - on lab was established in Xi'an Software Park According to Microsoft, in addition to establishing laboratories in the school, Xi'an embedded hands-on laboratory is the first hands-on laboratory established in the society, which is of great significance! The most important hardware provider of the Microsoft hands-on lab of Xi'an software is Zhaoying Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd. in addition, Xi'an Liming Technology Co., Ltd. and Xi'an deep blue software development practice training school are jointly formed

"attending the unveiling ceremony were Mr. John boladian, embedded market manager of Microsoft, mobile and embedded product department in Asia Pacific and China, senior executives of Xi'an software and senior executives of companies participating in the event

group photo of cooperative unit


group photo of Mr. pengjiaan and participants

hardware facilities of Microsoft hands-on laboratory

Microsoft Embedded hands-on laboratory main cooperative unit:

Xi'an Software Park Development Center

microsort corporation

Zhaoying Technology (Xi'an) Limited company

Xi'an Liming Technology Co., Ltd.

Xi'an deep blue software development practice training school

"about Xi'an Software Park Development Center

" Xi'an Software Park is located in Xi'an high tech Zone. It was founded in December 1998. It is an urban demonstration zone of the national Torch Program software industry base, the national software industry base, the national software export base and the national service outsourcing base. It is composed of Qinfeng Pavilion, Hanyun Pavilion, tangle Pavilion, Xiyue Pavilion, Taibai Pavilion, 01 square, Silian building, Tianze building, all star building, innovation building, Jabil building, Hang Seng building, Tengfei building, grape city building and other buildings, covering an area of more than 600 mu and a construction area of 400000 square meters. Xi'an National Service Outsourcing demonstration base is located in the CBD of Xi'an high tech Zone, covering an area of 210 Mu and a construction area of 300000 square meters

"relying on Xi'an's strong scientific and educational strength, rich human resources, superior industrial policies and good environment, this kind of experimental machine is a professional supporting facility environment with relatively good functions. It has gathered more than 580 enterprises at home and abroad. Build dual circuit power supply; Many backup gigabit optical fibers, such as Chinatelecom and China Telecom, as well as direct international communication port optical fibers, have entered the park; It has built a public technical service platform synchronized with the world with Intel, IBM, etc; It has cooperated with more than 100 national and private universities and well-known human resources institutions, such as Xi'an Jiaotong University, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology, Northwestern University, etc., to build a professional human resources training platform; The three-star apartment, large-scale restaurant, golf course, business center and other living and business supporting facilities are complete, attracting servo mold plug system and 3-axis manipulator, such as Oracle, SPSS, Sybase, applied materials, Emerson, ThoughtWorks, objectiva and neweggs in the United States, Infineon in Germany, Nortel and platform in Canada, Fujitsu, NEC, NTT data, Sorun, Renesas and yokoga in Japan. China's express packaging industry has a large amount, a wide variety and rapid growth Gracety, meitec, etc., as well as Taiwan Lixin international, Advantech, Lingan computer, invincible technology, procom, etc., including domestic and foreign well-known companies such as Huawei, ZTE, Lianzhong, digital China, Shanghai Baoxin, etc

 meanwhile, Datang Telecom, Xidian Jietong, Sanming technology, Jiaotong Jiepu, and Xi'an Yanxing technology, represented by Xi'an Yanxing technology, which is rated as "China's largest BPO enterprise to the United States" by Gartner, have been cultivated and grown into well-known local service outsourcing enterprises such as silk road, Huaxun and JINGMAO. It has become a base for exchanging the latest international technologies, gathering international well-known enterprises and the highest degree of internationalization in the central and western regions. It has fully interacted with education and industry and cultivated software and service outsourcing talents on a large scale

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