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Traditional Chinese color, scenery, painting, utensils and other elements are skillfully penetrated into the environment, and every detail gives the space an implicit artistic beauty

Yu Jiawen

Zhejiang Pujiang Oushennuo ceramic interior designer

design concept: design originates from life, and details achieve quality

Japanese study tour comments: the most impressive thing is that Japanese designers have strong control over the overall situation. A product can be very meticulous from the initial inspiration, design, and materials, and the work is very practical

unlike many designers of the same generation, as a potential young designer, Yu Jiawen never adheres to the trend, and has always adhered to the idea of integrating originality into classics and reflecting taste in details. By reading customers' needs for living space and integrating it into design, the space is full of personality and life, giving people an introverted touch

in his creation, Yu Jiawen paid special attention to the expression of life details, the characteristics and collocation of materials, and the refinement of cultural temperament. It is this rigorous detail requirements and familiarity with ceramic tiles, materials and other materials that make his works full of harmonious and artistic style, and always bring unexpected surprises to customers

single family luxury villa residence

the design of this single family villa is based on the new Chinese style, combined with European elements, and the overall simplicity is integrated with a large number of detailed decoration. In order to highlight the luxury taste of the villa space, the designer used the osheno microcrystalline gem series floor tiles ice flower jade, Kirin jade, amethyst, with granite and natural topaz, so that the whole villa design is full of Chinese and excellent high-end texture

the layout connects the porch and the living room area. The multi-level lighting layout cooperates with the natural light source, which is bright and gorgeous without dazzling. Coupled with the concise and tidy furniture soft decoration arrangement, the environment is more spacious and atmospheric. Among them, the designer adds exquisite and rich patterns, lines and other applications, which complement the grade of the whole environment and add a sense of hierarchy and detail beauty to the space

the harmonious color changes deduce the implicit style, and the contrast of gold and dark wood color plus the low brightness traditional color embellishment highlights the classic noble room charm. It not only has the pursuit of aristocracy, but also does not lose the temperature of home

dark furniture, door cabinets, etc. echo the main tone of elegant and golden space. They are simple, natural and elegant without being old-fashioned, adding a mature and stable temperament to the environment. While elements such as traditional Patchwork and printmaking, as well as delicate decorations of green plants and decorations, traditional Chinese elements such as color, scenery, painting and utensils have been skillfully penetrated into the environment, and every detail has given the space an implicit artistic beauty





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