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Traditional Chinese medicine believes that heat comes from the head and cold from the feet. Ordinary air conditioning heating is often hot in the head and cold in the feet, which will lead to poor blood circulation and cold in the whole body. Warm your feet first, and your whole body will be warm. How to ensure the safety of floor heating? ◆ insiders in the fine design industry said that some cooling and heating companies seldom really calculate the heat dissipation area required by the room and fully consider the thermal insulation design of the building itself during construction, which is easy to produce the phenomenon of uneven cooling and heating in each room, or it is not hot as a whole, and eventually go to court with the business. Design is the first step of heating safety. Only professional and comprehensive planning of the space can better carry out the later construction. The person in charge of Jiyou cooling and heating said: professional cooling and heating companies must strictly follow the basic principles of HVAC design, and should not tire of communicating with the owner and property management. Only by demanding on the design in the early stage, can we lay a solid foundation for the subsequent construction. ◆ select materials. For the selection of floor heating pipes, the pipes of original imported brands and large-scale production enterprises can be selected with confidence. However, pipes with a lot lower than the market average price are prone to problems. There is more than one case of pipe bursting in the heating season in the market. The head of Jiyou cold and warm also warned: we must believe that under the condition of long-term use, inferior pipes can't last long. In addition, the person in charge of Jiyou cooling and heating also revealed to us: some domestic ordinary copper water separators only cost more than 30 yuan, but in addition to the thickness of the screw thread at the inlet and outlet, the smart manufacturer has hollowed out the middle main pipe to half of the original thickness. How do you think the quality will be guaranteed? Therefore, choosing a water separator cannot simply compare the price. ◆ the construction quality of refined construction heating products is particularly important. The head of Jiyou cooling and heating said: the proficiency of workers is the specific guarantee of construction safety. Skilled workers know how to control the strength in the construction of zigzag coil pipe so that they will not bend the pipe and know where to distribute the stress in the bending part of the pipe




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