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As an existence that pays more attention to user experience, Internet home decoration has been trying to isolate itself from traditional home decoration since the day it appeared. With the advantages of Internet technology, Internet home decoration starts from the disadvantages of traditional home decoration, trying to optimize and improve the user experience. From the aspects of housing design, construction specifications, building materials supply, etc., Internet home decoration began to swear to users the difference between itself and traditional home decoration. How to do a good job in the transformation of Internet home decoration? The whole house custom furniture joined Deville

however, influenced by the atmosphere of the entire "Internet +" era, Internet home decoration has always been just an existence that places too much emphasis on platforms. That is, whoever has a large flow of platform and many users will be able to get the favor of capital and further develop. This has led many Internet home improvement platforms to regard traffic as the source of strength for the next step of development. In order to obtain traffic, they either constantly put forward some very mysterious concepts or continue to advertise. However, there are few Internet home improvement platforms that fundamentally improve user experience. In this case, how to improve user experience has become an urgent problem to be solved

one of the most important reasons for the emergence of Internet home decoration is that the majority of users or owners have struggled for too long in the quagmire of traditional home decoration. They urgently need an exit to get rid of such an extremely unsatisfactory state. While improving their self experience, they can also get a completely different home decoration effect. Therefore, we can see that user experience is the root of the emergence and rapid development of Internet home decoration

the problems caused by traditional home decoration to user experience urgently need new things to intervene. After years of development, the pain points and problems brought by traditional home decoration have reached an inevitable stage. If this problem cannot be fundamentally solved, users can only choose to vote with their feet, either participate in the decoration in person, or choose to decorate guerrillas. Decoration companies are beginning to face an increasingly difficult situation in the process of expanding users. In such a case, changing the user experience through the intervention of new things has become an urgent problem for current home decoration industry participants

the most fundamental reason why traditional home decoration is called traditional home decoration is that the concept and logic are relatively old, so we can't really look at and think about problems from the perspective of users, which eventually leads to a lot of follow-up work that can't be carried out with users as the center. Problems such as unreasonable design, unscientific construction, falsely high prices and substandard materials began to appear

however, traditional home decoration will not reform itself, because the environment and atmosphere of the whole market allow them to continue to survive without reform and innovation, and this survival is based on the premise of sacrificing the interests of users. In such a case, new things are needed to break such a state and bring essential changes to the home decoration industry

the market atmosphere dominated by users began to appear. In fact, the "Internet +" era is an era dominated by users. In this era, all people's work is based on users, and this goal is achieved by applying different technologies to the actual process. It is worth noting that their purpose is to obtain users through change, but few companies really want to bring real changes to users

driven by such an idea, we have seen the emergence of an Internet home decoration platform that will change the home decoration industry from the perspective of design, raw materials, construction and so on. They try to bring different experiences to users by intervening from different angles, so as to retain these users and realize the improvement of traffic and actual transformation

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